love the present

Sometimes we are so focused on the future and even the past that we forget about the present and no matter how chaotic the present can be learned to love all the little moments right now, will all make the big moments in the future, the moment you look back at thinking life was fantastic and just keeps getting better/ Continue reading

Weekly Meal Prep and Meal Plan for the week

To make things easier for myself we used to have a rough monthly meal plan we followed, but as things got crazier with our big move approaching I’ve kind of been in this frantic state of survival mode.  So as a way for me to stay ahead of things I’ve decided to do a weekly meal plan on my blog as a way of actually sticking to it and to make things easier for myself. Continue reading

The white knuckles of motherhood

Motherhood is filled with beautiful moments that make your heart swell so big, you wonder if it might just explode, but it is also filled with white knuckle moments.  Those moments you hold onto the stroller handle just a little bit tighter, that moment you wonder if you might just snap a steering wheel in half, while you silently scream on the inside, so your children won’t see that they’ve managed to really push your patience off a cliff.   Continue reading

Sunday best

Yes, there is a toothbrush on the floor, my trainers in one corner, a grumpy why did you wake me up toddler and a very messy play room in the background in this photo, but it also has two happy parents that has no idea where this week went. Continue reading

Raising a feminist boy

We raise our daughters to fight stereotypes and teach them to grow up to be strong woman, but why don’t we teach our sons to be feminists? To stand up for women, even though they can stand up for themselves, to respect women and treat them like equals, because when we teach our sons who will turn into men one day, to respect all women, the future will be great and filled with way more love and respect.
Continue reading