How to encourage a toddler to carry and epipen

Arren was diagnosed with life threatening allergies before his first birthday, ever since then I’ve been living in a constant state of panic, but you know what it does get easier.  One of the things I’ve been trying to encourage Arren is the importance of ALWAYS carrying his epipen and benadryl with him.  It might seem like too much responsibility to put on a two year old, but becoming aware and knowing the risks of his allergies is something I want to help him understand from a young age. Continue reading

Clove Oil for Thicker Hair


Postpartum hair loss sucks, and for some lucky woman (note sarcasm) you can lose so much hair you get stuck with a bald spot.  That was me! After trying it all with no luck, I finally have a hair routine that actually works, and no it wasn’t my hair naturally growing back after a certain amount of time, the constant breastfeeding, really slowed down hair growth, the lack of sleep didn’t help and all the stress from my hair falling out just made my hair fall out even more, but now, my hair is thicker and healthier than it’s ever been, thanks to these tips and tricks. Continue reading