Happy Father’s Day

I wanted to get a post out for the main man in our house.  It’s officially his second father’s day and this guy is just killing being a dad.

When it comes to being a father to our little Arren he’s the best I know, always patient even when Arren kicks him in the head when he insists on co sleeping with us at night, always loving towards Arren, even when he’s throwing the biggest toddler tantrum around, always ready to play with him even when it’s the millionth time Arren’s been thrown in the air, always teaching him things,  and always being the best example to our sweet little boy.

I’m thankful for the way he always puts his family first and loves spending time with us,  he’s the best example to me for how to be a great parent.

I’m also thankful for my own dad, having worked so hard his whole life to provide for his family.  and last, but surely not least.  I’m thankful for our heavenly father, for giving his only son so we all can live with him one day.  Let’s give it up for all the dad’s.  You’re all doing a great job!

Help for a total hip replacement

Hello everyone! My dear friend Vicky from Jvr baby vlogs, is in dire need of a total hip replacement at the age of 25, due to the long term effects of having perthes disease since a child.  They can’t afford to pay for the operation and she needs it done ASAP, she has a rambunctious one year old that keeps her on her toes, while she is in constant pain.

This operation will change her life for the better so I’m asking everyone here to please help contribute even the smallest amount to their crowd funding page.

She is the sweetest and kindest girl I know and having this burden lifted will be a big blessing in their lives.

If you can’t contribute please share her crowd funding page far and wide, until she can get this operation and have a better quality of life.

50 non peanut Airplane Snacks

Surviving long haul flights with kids is bad enough as it is, toddlers have an independent streak, they want to be active and they love routine, flying with a child that has severe food allergies can send waves of fear through your body, but with all these non peanut related snacks you won’t need to bring peanuts on the plane causing a possible life threatening allergy. Continue reading

love the present

Sometimes we are so focused on the future and even the past that we forget about the present and no matter how chaotic the present can be learned to love all the little moments right now, will all make the big moments in the future, the moment you look back at thinking life was fantastic and just keeps getting better/ Continue reading

Weekly Meal Prep and Meal Plan for the week

To make things easier for myself we used to have a rough monthly meal plan we followed, but as things got crazier with our big move approaching I’ve kind of been in this frantic state of survival mode.  So as a way for me to stay ahead of things I’ve decided to do a weekly meal plan on my blog as a way of actually sticking to it and to make things easier for myself. Continue reading