Yoga baby

Arren has been stretching his stuff lately.  Maybe it’s because he keeps seeing his Mama on the mat or maybe the old wives tale is true, and Arren is telling us he wants a sibling.  Either way, this guy knows how to downward facing dog like a pro.

He’s still really obsessed with the camera when he sees it, he immediately needs to touch it, this is basically our whole day, Arren sees something he shouldn’t be touching and immediately wants it.  He has reached that age where he loves pushing boundaries , and is really seeing what kind of tantrum is needed to get what he wants.


I mean, it’s technically what you want, you want your children to push boundaries and gain independence, but man, is it tiring.  I find myself constantly running after Arren trying to save him from his own destruction.  Swinging doors open too wide, hitting himself in the face with said door, running way too fast and slipping on the carpet.  I get more than 10000 steps a day, just because I run after Arren the whole day.

Arren has been teething molars that with pushing boundaries, can really drain a person.  The lack of sleep, the grumpy baby, the constant nursing, and all the running around, really starts effecting you, but today is a new day,  Arren slept well last night, and he is in a way better mood today.  Those pesky teeth finally cut through and we are in the clear until another tooth comes out.