When it rains it pours

Having a toddler is frustrating.┬á The tantrums, the boundary pushing┬á and the daily what the heck moments can really have you pulling out your hair, but toddlers are wise little teachers, here to teach us things in the most difficult way possible, because if it’s hard you’re more likely to remember them.

The best thing Arren has taught me is to do everything with intensity, love hard, get mad, but forget about it really easy, and see the greatness that is in the world, because if yummy things like chocolate and cookies can exist you know it’s one heck of a beautiful world.

My favourite thing about Arren is that nothing stops him from having fun, he doesn’t care what the weather is, if it’s hot he will sweat away a storm to get his swing on, and if it rains it’s nothing his H&M raincoat can’t help with.


we got matching yellow raincoats specifically so we can go play in the rain, and let me tell you it’s worth it.┬á When you get to play and splash in puddles without getting really wet it makes everything so much fun and fun is what childhood is suppose to be about.

being a mother is hard, but man, is it filled with teaching moments that really make you appreciate life.┬á These moments are so precious, you learn when you’re a child, but when you become a parent the real emotion learning starts.