What’s In My Diaper Bag 0-3 months

I didn’t get a lot of things right in terms of what I needed for my baby. I was the typical first time mom that found these lists online that said ALL babies love this and that, so of course I though “yeah I definitely have to get that”. ┬áIn reality I had the baby that wasn’t fond of a lot of the things we got. ┬áThe bassinet? no way you’re forcing me to sleep in there, I’ll sleep in your arms, thank you very much. ┬áSwaddle blanket? Don’t even think about it? I just spent 9 months confined in your belly, you can’t contain me anymore! Moby wrap? ITS WAY TOO HOT FOR THIS! White noise? just stop it you’re embarrassing yourself now. ┬áI’m 99% sure Arren thought all those things at one point or another and who can blame him, obviously he’s his own person!

The one thing I got completely right was my diaper bag. ┬áI don’t have a lot of unnecessary things in it, but I have quite a lot in it, and I use it all when we go out. ┬áA lot of what people said to put in your diaper bag I found a little bit ridiculous. ┬áWhy would a newborn want a teether at that age?


Here is my list of what you really need in your diaper bag.

  1. ┬áBag;First you need a bag. ┬áI decided to get a backpack that I liked instead of getting a specific diaper bag. ┬áWhy? well as soon as companies hear the word baby , they seem to charge double the price. ┬áI know you get a lot of really nice diaper bags out there, but I wanted one that I was going to like and that didn’t break the bank. ┬áI chose one with two compartments, because no one wants a pee covered outfit close to snacks.

2.I made these little baggies when I was pregnant for my diaper bags to keep everything separate and so I don’t have to dive around in my bag looking for things ,not finding them, when a poopsplosion happens. ┬áArren is all about Mr Crinkle, he is a first pocket must have for us.

3. In my first little baggy I keep his travel mat, disposable diapers, bum cream, wet wipes and hand sanitizer.  I always carry hand santizer with me for those strange diaper changes and because diaper changing can be gross.

4. In the second compartment I have another baggy, snacks, a sturdier bag, a blanket, 2 muslin cloths and my wallet.  The muslin cloths are a lifesaver when it comes to taking Arren out in public.  This guy only fully pees when the diaper is off,  it causes a lot of wet surfaces and awkward moments.

5. In the baggy I have a spare outfit, two smaller burp clothes for actual vomit burps, extra socks, a little hat, extra breast pads and a ziplock baggy.  I carry a ziplock baggy with in case his clothes get wet.

6.The medicine baggy. I have a tiny eco friendly/ baby friendly sunscreen, little scissors for when hair gets stuck around his little fingers, and his nail clippers. ┬áI keep the nail clippers in his bag so I don’t misplace them. ┬áThey are so tiny that I usually can’t find them if they are anywhere else except this bag (thanks Carl! Stop moving them, love you). ┬áIf he’s a little bit congested I carry a saline spray with us and a mucous sucker. ┬áGlamorous, I know.

7. Snacks.  I always have snacks in my bag obviously not for Arren, but this mama gets hungry on outings.  I usually have almonds and two homemade protein bars with me. and a bottle of water.

8. Other stuff I have in my bag is my wallet, and ┬ápacifier spray. ┬áFor when Arren decides he likes his pacifier again. ┬áI never put my phone in my bag, I prefer to have it on me. ┬áOccasionally I’ll have an extra shirt for me in my bag, but I use a large scarf as my breastfeeding cover and any slip ups can be covered with that.

What do you have in your bag?