Welcome to the family Asher Naoki

All the hardships ad struggling is worth it when I get to hold my two healthy boys. Asher is the perfect little addition to our little family at this time. He’s so content and has loved staring and looking around at things since he’s been born, it feels like he’s looking straight at your soul when he keeps his gaze for so long. It’s been two weeks of pure newborn bliss, mixed in with complete Arren chaos. Their personalities are so different, Arren has been stubborn and wilful since pregnancy, and Asher is so content and peaceful, he still has some hospital flashbacks and screams his head off when he has to get naked, but he’s happy to be with his little family.

Before finding out what his gender was, I was convinced I was having a girl. All the old wives tales pointed to girl. I was extremely nauseas the entire pregnancy, I was carrying higher up then my previous pregnancy, I had a lot of cravings for sweets and juicy fruits and his heart rate was higher, but one evening I had a dream and he told me he was a boy and that his name is Naoki. I woke up feeling a touch disapointed I’m not going to lie, but googled what the name Naoki means.

From Japanese 直 (nao) meaning “straight” and 樹 (ki) meaning “tree”. I immediately felt this was his name, he was conceived and born in Poland, that’s filled with trees. I want him to be grounded and unwavering in his decisions like a strong tree.

Asher Means “happy, blessed” in Hebrew.

The one thing I really want for this little boy is to always be happy, and content in his life and be blessed in all his endeavours, but be able to learn and grow from life’s hardships.

Right now we are still adjusting and figuring out our new routine with a small child and a baby, but at least we have the cutest children around.