We stop for whales

What do you do when you see a whale, but you’re already running really late to meet up with people? You stop of course! ┬áWe couldn’t believe our luck when we saw not one whale, but two on our drive to visit some family.

In those instances you have to make the decision do you stop and run so incredibly late that it might be classified as beyond rude? or do you stop, because you know it’s a friggin whale! Arren was already not a fan of this trip, and made his feelings known for most of the drive, technically he demanded that we stop.

It’s funny how nature can turn your mood right around, I was a little bit high strung because of the said lateness and the fact that Carl decided to do a deep vacuum of the car at that point of time , but standing there looking out at the water just calmed me right down.

for about 10 minutes…

Until we couldn’t get out of that area due to road closures that made us drive in a circle for ages! ┬áWe decided to call it a day and cancelled meeting up with family, because sometimes plans just get thrown right in the ocean with the whales. ┬áOh, well! ┬áat least we were able to take a rain check and catch up the next day! Yay, for things working out.