We RV’d through Europe

We just came back from an amazing RV trip through Europe.┬á 10 Days driving through the countryside of Europe, getting our minds completely blown and only getting chased away once, by the most polite Belgian man we’ve ever met.

We decided to RV instead of fly, just because of convenience, we get to see more, we don’t have to worry about all the allergy related issues that pop up with flying and travelling in general, and we get to see so many more countries and get to experience places we wouldn’t have if we flew there.┬á In one day we traveled through 4 countries!┬á ┬áWe got to see the country side of the Netherlands, Germany, France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Poland.┬á ┬áWe stopped at beautiful places that would not have been on our list of things to do in that country and we got to sleep at some really fun locations, all while having a pretty happy toddler with us!

He was so happy that when we got back he was completely outraged and back to hating the apartment, funny thing about Arren he really hates our apartment he’s hated it from the first day, apparently he would rather become a gypsy than be back in the apartment.

I can’t blame him I was starting to plan our new nomadic life myself while being mesmerized by this amazing trip!