Water-less Cooking Vegan Wrap

Even though day zero has been pushed back a lot in this Cape Town drought, we still have to do everything we can to conserve water.  

I’m actually grateful for the drought and all the lessons it has taught me, thinking back I feel like such a water waster, never really thinking about the consequences of wasting our precious resources that can so easily be taken away from us.  I actually cringe when I see people’s instagram stories about how they are melting their coconut oil in a sink filled with water.  Why would you waste so much water? It’s mind boggling.  I’m grateful for our water wise eco washing machine, that’s light on water and I’m grateful for all the little tips I’ve learned along the way that I will continue using even when this drought is long gone.  Like using a spray bottle filled with floor cleaner and water to clean the floors, never leaving the water running when washing my face, replacing the shower head in the shower, and realizing that babies don’t need to have a bath everyday, which has saved Arren’s skin.

I’ve been trying to come up with more water-less recipes, that don’t require clean up, requires minimal effort and no water should be used.  It’s surprisingly harder than you might thing, well for me at least, I’m a soak your legumes and grains kind of girl.

This wrap hits all the marks and is really tasty, made with fry’s vegetarian pops and simple ingredients, if you get a pre made salad you can cut down on even more water usage, because you wont need to wash up.  Using foil to bake the pops on leaves the pan clean afterwards and no need for a wash,  you can even reuse the foil, by wrapping your wrap in it, that means you don’t even need a plate for the bad boy of a wrap.



  • wraps
  • hummus
  • salad mix
  • Fry’s vegetarian pops, cooked according to instructions on box
  • mayo
  • sriracha sauce


Heat the wrap on a skillet until warm or microwave until warm.

Spread hummus on the wrap.

Add the salad mix and pops

add sauces

Take both sides

and fold over tightly making sure you have a tight wrap

Wrap in foil and enjoy.