walks on the beach

General conference weekend is the best kind of weekend.  A weekend filled with good times at home with family or friends, eating good food and wondering why you don’t have play glasses for your baby, because he looks an awful lot like some of the apostles.  General conference to us means time together to get uplifting messages that just give you hope and a sense of calm in your daily life.  Its a time for reflection and peace, it like your little book of calm.

We did go for a little walk on Saturday to getout of the house a bit.  We walked around on the beach trying o show Arren the ocean.  He was not that impressed and showed his disinterest by closing his eyes and comfort suckling on Carl’s fingers.

I put a whole lot of sunscreen on this guy.  His skin is way too beautiful for skin damage.  We use this sunscreen and love it! Its all natural and just amazing.

Arren loves being carried around in his carrier now, its the cutest thing to see him looking at the world in wonder as we go around.  He just puts a smile on so many people’s faces when they see this little chubby monkey, suckling his dad’s fingers.  He still dislikes his pacifier, but fingers….fingers are the best thing ever.

Being baby free on our walks is such a strange feeling, what do I even do with my arms.

The brightness gives Carl and I such intense headaches.  I was nearly struck down by combination of brightness headache and insane earache that made me want to cry thanks to the wind.  At the end we were hot, cold in pain and ready for more uplifting messages!

Hope everyone had a good weekend!