Walks around the park

Walks around the park is always interesting, with a curious toddler, there is always something new to see, sometimes it’s good things and sometimes it’s stressful, but having a toddler with severe food allergies in Poland is always a bit stressful.

Walking around the park is always an experience.┬á Ronald Reagan park is always interesting and fun, it’s big and there’s something new to explore all the time, but my goodness, the amount of peanuts, peanut shells, sunflower seeds, sunflower shells and general allergens all over the park get’s stressful, Arren is still little and doesn’t really grasp the idea that food can be harmful to him, and he just loves playing withe the rocks and dirt, but when there is allergens all over and a very reactive child, you always feel on edge, but we go on with things, hoping for no reaction, praying that it wont be a life threatening reaction at least, all while letting Arren enjoy his childhood.

He’s so curious and remembers things so well, he always wants to know what everything is. Lately its letters and when he saw the letters for this park place he was in heaven.┬á The vegan grilled cheese on rye bread might have had something to do with it too, but this boy is always ready to explore.

and give a double thumbs up and YES! he’s getting more curious by the day.┬á Hopefully he always has his sense of wonder.