waddle like a penguin

On the weekend we decided to go visit the penguins at boulders beach.  These little penguins just seem so strange on the beach, they should be in snow frolicking around, not rolling around on the beach like a swim suit model.

These lovely little critters looked so cute waddling on the beach like the best dressed birds around.  We walked along the wooden pathway to the most incredible lookout point, where all the penguins seemed to be relaxing and just doing penguin things.

I couldn’t believe how blue and magical the ocean looked as we stood on the incredible crowded point, it’s the clearest blue with large boulders strewn across the ocean, no wonder it’s called boulders beach!

Arren seemed to have no interest in the penguins at all, he just kept giving us a look that said “its hot, you guys suck”, but we kept trying to get a smile out of this guy without any luck! He just continued sucking his thumb and looked at us like we were crazy.

nothing like your son motor boating you in public.

Taking a quick look at the penguins.

cuddles with papa makes it all better.

We found a less crowded walkway by the entrance that was just as magical as the other one, but with way less people .  It was easier to get photos and really take in that view.

Penguins and mother’s day, makes for a wonderful day out.

How was your Mother’s day?