Vegan Mallow Eggs “Marshmallow eggs”

When I think about my childhood and Easter I think about Easter service and Mallow eggs, boxes and boxes filled with mallow eggs.┬á It would seem like a never ending supply that when you’re just about to run out someone’s mom would give you a couple as a Happy Easter surprise.

I never want Arren to feel like he’s missing out or that his allergies define him, I wan’t to help teach him how to make things and be smart about what he eats.┬á Since moving to Poland I’ve had to start making almost everything from scratch for him, it’s extremely time consuming, but when almost everything may contain peanuts, or when you pick up a piece of bread and it’s got a Sunflower seed in it, you have to go into survival mode, I’ve had some hits and some misses, because Arren is still two and really asserting his dominance in the stubborn department, but he’s teaching me a lot about food and picky toddlers, that I never knew before.

but back to these eggs.

Having a treat around Easter is a must, you will either be stuffing your face with chocolate or be eating a decadent carrot cake.  These easy chocolate marshmallow eggs are the sweet treat any picky eater will eat, not by any means healthy, but it sure is tasty.



  • ┬á1 bag dandies marshmallow or any other allergy friendly bag of marshmallows
  • 1 bar dark chocolate


Place the marshmallows in a microwave friendly bowl, and microwave for 20 seconds intervals, taking out to stir, until completely melted and a marshmallow fluff.

Spray some non stick spray on a silicone spatula and spread out the marshmallow fluff between two cling wrap plastic pieces.

Roll out with a rolling pin to desired thickness, I like mine reasonably thin.

Let sit until completely cooled.  This will make removing the plastic and shaping them easier.

Take a plastic Easter egg half and cut as many egg shapes as possible.

Break chocolate into small pieces and place into a microwave safe bowl, microwave until smooth and silky ( keep stirring and taking it out in short intervals).

Dip the mallow eggs into the chocolate and place on parchment paper.  Let cool completely and serve.

Be warned child may attack you for said eggs.