Vegan Goods Market and Unframed Ice Cream

The vegan goods market is a little piece of heaven for vegans, vegetarians, and allergy parents all around Cape Town.  I was so happy when Vicky from JVbaby vlogs invited us to go with them, because without them we would have probably never have known about it.

Have you ever met someone over the internet and wondered if they are cat fishing you? Well, that’s the relationship Vicky and I have.  We met over Instagram, and soon realised that we are extremely similar, some would say creepily similar, so similar in fact that we run out of gas for our stoves at the same time, or make the exact same smoothie at the exact same time.  We also both have one year old boys, had the same midwife and share being vegan moms.  We’ve met up before and I was so happy to find out that she was in fact who she said she was and that she was not a killer.

We met up at the harvest cafe for the vegan goods market, and felt horribly unprepared!  The vegan goods market is located on the roof of the harvest cafe that has some of the best views of table mountain I’ve seen, but it also has no sun coverage! and being the forgetful mom I am, I forgot to bring sunscreen and a hat for Arren.  He of course didn’t mind one bit and got into a lot of mischief!  He stole someones phone out of their hands and ran away with it.  Don’t worry I gave it back to the guy.  The next rookie mistake we made was eating breakfast before we left.  There was so many delicious looking food around that I just couldn’t eat I was so full of oats and the idea of eating bummed me out.   I still feel like I should have force fed myself.

I did get a delicious sourdough rye and butternut and sage roll for Arren that was to die for.  I was very impressed with how allergy friendly the event was,  clear ingredients were everywhere and when I asked about sunflower seeds everyone could tell me exactly what not to get, which is always a great relief.

The heat got  a bit too much for all of us and we decided to head to Unframed Ice cream for some amazing vegan ice cream.  They have 4 ice creams that are completely vegan.  I stuck with my trusty vanilla and Carl got mint chip ice cream.  Later on I decided to try the turmeric latte ice cream that I’m so glad I did, this strange ice cream was sooo good!

^^ Can You tell that they were really into it.

Photos don’t do this day justice go check out Vicky’s vlog of the market and Ice cream Here.  She captured the day beautifully and little Arren and Matthias hugging will just melt your heart.