Valentines Day date when you have kids

When you have kids, things dramatically change. It feels like a million years ago that you had one on one time with your partner, sometimes you refer to him as papa and you can never seem to find a sitter to make your date night dreams a reality.

What do you do when a date just doesn’t seem to be in the cards for you until your kid turns 18?

You start dating at home, and really mean it.  Get that baby to sleep, make a dinner or buy dinner, crack open some sparkling grape juice, and close that door, tonight you might not get sleep, but reconnecting will happen.

Having a date night at home might seem like a daunting task, but you can do it gussy yourselves up and close that door.

The best dates are the ones where you can’t stop laughing and when you’re cuddled up in bed it makes for one of the best dates ever.

Here are some bingeworthy shows we’ve been watching.  Some on netflix some not.  All of them don’t have a high age restriction, because we are goody two shoes in our house.  Yeah, I know.. no fun!

  1.  The good place.  probably my favorite series at the moment, It’s funny while giving you hope in that humans can change and the surprises keep bowling me over every episode.  How do you do it?!
  2. This is us….Need I say more.
  3. Stranger Things.  If you haven’t watched Stranger Things by now, you must be living under a rock.
  4. Fresh of the boat.  An hilarious comedy.
  5. Jane the virgin.  Telenovela style comedy at its finest.
  6. Kevin probably saves the world. SO funny,  I can’t wait for another episode.
  7. Brooklyn nine nine.  A cop show with Andy Samberg and Terry Crews.
  8. Travelers.  A time travelling series about travellers trying to change history.
  9. Young Sheldon.  The journey of how Sheldon Cooper, became Sheldon Cooper.  The casting director is pure genius.
  10. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.  A good attitude can turn everything around!

Now get bingeing.