Ukulele in the fog

I like to think that if Arren ever releases and album that he will use on of these photos for the cover.

I like to think Arren is a well rounded toddler, well right now.  He has so many different interests and things he likes.  It’s a whirlwind, but this is all childhood, every interest is a learning curb into finding things you like and enjoy.

He likes instruments, but he likes playing with his ball and being outside, he likes learning and books, but he likes pretending to bake so he can eat the dough.   He doesn’t like broccoli and he doesn’t like crafts, but he likes celery and nori.   It’s all a weird mix up right now, and it’s  fun to see his little personality grow and flourish.

He loves running up to strangers for hugs and runs after any furry thing, but most of all he likes some independence.  Its been one of the hardest things for me to do, with all the peanuts and sunflower seeds around and his allergies being so severe, I’m always on edge, around every corner there is peanuts and shells on the ground, I can never escape the sunflower lady and he always just wants to eat things from the floor, because why not at his age I was making mud pies and telling my grandmother I didn’t eat it when I clearly ate it.    Kids, are gross, but cute, but so gross.

He’s really turning into a little person now, he’s so weird, but so spunky.