Tummy time for the tummy time hating baby

We started tummy timing Arren as soon as he was born by placing him on our chests for periods of time, but that did not stop this guy from hating tummy time.  Tummy time seems like it will be the most fun a baby could possibly have.  While I was pregnant I dreamt about the day I could roll around on my stomach, do belly flops and sleep on my stomach without a care in a world;

but for a baby…

Its the worst thing that could ever happen to them, the crying, the looks of complete disgust they give you, and how incredibly hard they are to console afterwards will make the most perfect parent contemplate never doing tummy time again, why do they need neck and back muscles anyway?!

With Arren I’ve realised that trying something over and over again until he likes it is key.  I guess in a way its like baby brainwashing?

I start early in the morning with “mommy time”, which is Arren on his tummy on me.  He loves this and will tummy time like a complete champ  this way. After that I put him on my legs and make him “fly”.  If you want all the giggles you should definitely do this, its also a great core workout haha.

After establishing to him that tummy time is the best, I moved on to making him a little tummy time corner in our living room.  I would put a mirror in front of him with his favourite toy in front of him while being propped up with the feeding pillow.  For some reason he loves the baby in the mirror this way, usually when I show him himself while holding him he has a complete freak out, maybe he thinks the baby stole his mommy?

Now this guy is all about his tummy time!

Instead of going for the roll over this guy wants to crawl, he’s leopard crawled forward and I’m just like “You’re missing a step here, little guy!”

Nothing says you’ve done a good job than a large drool string.

Here is to the tummy time hating babies all around the world! Trying to make their mothers feel like bad parents.  Its a right of passage into parenthood.

Does your baby hate tummy time? or do you have a tummy time loving joy of a baby?