a trip to Torun part 2

Torun had so much to offer that I didn’t think it was fair to bombard one post with so many photos.┬á Pierniki is a traditional Polish gingerbread that has been produced in Torun since the middle ages and you can just see and taste that they have mastered the art of making the perfect gingerbread, the beauty, detail and care taken to make these tasty little art pieces is just amazing.

Around every corner you can find an interesting looking pierniki bakery,  with beautiful designs at every corner and busy bakers working hard to make beautiful gingerbread.

Chocolate covered pierniki.

There is so much to see and explore in Torun that we┬á didn’t get to see it all, we arrived in the afternoon, but I so wished we went a bit earlier, we missed seeing the castle and a couple of other things, but there is always next time.

but like I mentioned in the previous post arriving in the afternoon we got to see Torun go from day to night.

We got to see Arrens lollipop get smaller and smaller and his face getting stickier and stickier, and me just wanting to hose him down with water every time I looked at him.

but how could I be mad at that face. I really regretted putting him in his new jacket for this trip.

but man, Torun really is something to see at night.  The lights oh, the lights.

the cute little market was just as nice with tiny little fair to accompany it.


I honestly can’t wait to go back, because this has definitely become on our list of places to go back to.