A trip to Torun part 1

Torun is such a little hidden gem in Poland, a quick day trip from Gdansk and you’re in a beautiful medieval town filled with history and amazing treats, but a highlight about going in December is you get to see day time Torun and nighttime Torun even with children, because night time starts at 15:30, the perfect little family activity while you feel like adults for going out at night.

The little cobbled streets with pretty little buildings and a busker on the streets send me back to our Dublin days, felt like we were transported back to Grafton street, if Grafton street was less chaotic, maybe Grafton streets cute little sister, and instead of a lot of pubs around every corner you had cute little gingerbread shops everywhere.

One of the things I really loved about Torun was how family friendly it was, little kids everywhere running and playing.

and a large brown bear that grabs you to hug you right on the┬á street.┬á This was Arren’s face when he saw the bear.

He was like what the……….

while all the other children were scared Arren was just like let me out of the pushchair now.

He went right up to that bear and gave him a little bit of love.

then he found the candy shop and the rest was history.

until we got to leave and explore a little more.