A trip to Giraffe house

Did you know that giraffes reach up to 6m, making them the tallest land mammal? Another fun fact, Arren’s favourite animal is the humble giraffe or Gerald as we lovingly call them. ┬áIf you get the reference we should be friends, because then you’re kid is also a big fan of the book “giraffes can’t dance” and that is just something special.


We were planning on taking Arren to the giraffe house on his birthday, but instead we came up with a lot of excuses; ┬áIt’s too far, it’s too hot and we just didn’t feel like being in a car for that long with Mr grumpy, I hate car Arren, but last weekend we put on our grown up pants, and decided to stop making excuses and just go!

Armed with a truck load of snacks, all the toys you could possibly imagine, and two really charged phones in case we needed some nursery rhyme help, but turns out Arren slept all the way there without a problem.

It felt like we brought way more than we needed, and we did, but in true parent form we forgot a hat and boy, was it sunny and incredibly hot.  At one point I ran to find shade and any form of breeze.

I would definitely recommend to bring a hat and all the sunscreen you can possibly put on your exposed body.

Even though it’s called Giraffe house, they do have more than just giraffe to see. ┬áOther animals include zebra, buck, ┬ájackal, meercats, reptiles and the cutest tortoises. ┬áWe wandered around until the heat got too unbearable and we found a little shaded bench and introduced Arren to his very first creme soda. ┬áHe had the strangest look on his face, his first experience with bubbles was a confusing one.

We let him get all his wiggles out and introduced him to all the animals, he was charmed and confused.

After a good couple of walking sessions, we were all pooped from the heat and decided it was time to leave.  We patted Arren down with water and we were on our way home, with little to no fuss from him.