Arren has become train obsessed, this boy can’t get enough. Every time we ask him what he wants to do today he always replies with train. He doesn’t care how short the train trip or where we go as long as he can get his ticket and get on the train.

Living in Europe taking train trips is like second nature. Anywhere we need to go we either take the bus, the train or our good old fashioned feet.

Out of all of those Arren prefers the train, and I’m still too upset with the bus for starting my labour with Asher for me to step foot in a bus again.

We all prefer when the new SKM train rolls up looking all shiny, with AC and new clean seats, well maybe that’s just the parents Arren doesn’t mind the stinky old hot train. As long as he get’s to be on the train.

He really wants to go on the faster train, but Carl and I are saving that trip for a train to Warsaw, when Asher’s birth certificate finally arrives. Hopefully soon, its already been 6 months, but who’s counting. After that we get to wait equally as long for his passport.

It feels like our entire stay in Poland has been a wait, and mostly being stuck in Poland. The pandemic made it really stuck. Small space living and a lockdown really makes you rethink your life decisions, but back to trains.

Hopefully Arren will be able to take the fast train soon an all his little boy dreams will come true.