Tips for flying with a child that has excema

Flying with a toddler can be difficult, flying with a toddler that has eczema can be down right torture.  

I mean who can really blame them, between the extreme itchiness from the dry air plane air, the air-pressure wreaking havoc on their poor little ears and being forced to sit still as a bushy tailed child is just the worst.

But how can you fly and avoid the dryness of the plane, well with these tips you might be able to save your child’s skin from a severe eczema flair up.


  • Keep hydrated, keep you kid as hydrated as possible during the flight, or before flying.
  • Get  the thickest lotion/ cream you can find.  We use Eucerin Extra thick creme.  It’s a lifesaver for sealing in moisture it also keeps Arren skin looking the best for the longest.
  • Wet wrap.  It might sound extreme, but if you’re flying a long haul I suggest you wet wrap your child before even getting on that plane, just before boarding we take a too tight onesy, wet it, wing it out, lotion Arren up, put the onesy on, and place a warmer outfit over the top.  It works great for sealing in the moisture, trust me that outfit will be dry before you even land, but your toddlers skin will look great.
  • As soon as you land reapply as much lotion as you can and get them to drink a lot of water.

I hope these tips will help some little eczema travellers as much as it helps little Arren.