Tippy toes

My little baby is not so little anymore, he’s growing into such a little boy and I just can’t stand it. ┬áHe went from having his cute little newborn toes, that was so helpless and needed me to carry him around to standing on his tippy toes, demanding that he can do everything himself.

Don’t get me wrong I love that my little boy is growing up to be such an independent little boy, but sometimes I just miss my sweet little newborn. ┬áThe time when they are completely helpless is so short and soon you find yourself trying to put a diaper on a standing baby who refuses to cooperate. ┬áI love that I don’t have to carry him around everywhere I go anymore, now I have a crawling privacy invader.

I feel so proud of this little person with each passing day, he’s become such an independent little explorer and loves getting into trouble. ┬áHe’s constantly surprising us with how he picks stuff up. ┬áHe strums Carl’s ukulele like a little champ. ┬áI look at the little boy that will be one in a couple of months and I feel proud.

I’m proud to be his mama, proud to be his teacher, proud to be a good example ┬áand proud that he chose me to be his mother.

These little toes, will keep growing and I will continue being proud no matter what.   I will always be a safe haven for all your troubles.  Hopefully these little toes will be caring and walk lightly on the planet, taking care of all Gods creations no matter how big or small.

Baby butts are pretty cute too.