Things that I will miss about Fish Hoek Cape Town


With only 5 days to go until we leave for Poland, and we leave behind friends, family and our pretty little life we created here in Fish hoek.

I’ve been really stressed out about the move since coming back from Pretoria, if you google anxiety symptoms, you can be sure I’ve checked off every single one of those symptoms.┬á Since we sold the dining room set and the house has started getting more sparse, so has Arren’s mood changed, he’s become a tantruming nightmare, every little thing sends him off the edge, baby boy knows something is up and he’s really showing it and with that comes an insomnia filled ,worried Mama bear who just can’t fall asleep with all the things whirling around my head.


a new adventure is so close and I can’t wait to experience it with my little family, but that doesn’t mean my time here will be forgotten.

Things I will miss about living in Fish hoek Cape Town.

  1. Our beautiful house, the amazing wooden floors the stained glass throughout the house, the big lawn, the beautiful flowers springing up everywhere and even our little rat family that lives in the courtyard.
  2. Being walking distance from shops.
  3. Being walking distance from the beach, Arren has turned into such a little beach bum since moving here, every morning he gets to go play on the beach, run into the ocean and go play in the playground, it’s a child’s dream location.
  4. Going for morning runs along the promenade. being able to get out every morning to go for  relaxing run has been such a great experience, running next to the crashing waves, the sandy beach and all nestled in the mountains, can take your breathe away.
  5. The community.┬á Fish hoek is such a little community, every morning you will see the same people going for their morning swim, tai chi or just a walk on the beach and they will all greet you like you’re long lost family, with a big smile on their face.
  6. One of my highlights from staying here has definitely been going to the beach at sunset and seeing┬á school of dolphins just putting on a show.┬á It’s a memory that I will never forget.
  7. Breastfeeding my little bundle on the beach.
  8. All Arren’s first, learning to walk, run and climb all happened here.
  9. Stopping for lavender every time we come from the beach, because my little lavender child demands it.
  10. Running to kalk bay from fish hoek, the view goes on for days!