When things go wrong, it usually ends up with flour on the floor

Sometimes motherhood makes you wonder if you gave birth to a human or a little puppy.  A really naughty little puppy.

Arren is lovingly known as Chabo, the wild wolf baby from “A series of unfortunate events”.  He’s a little rough around the edges, is always dirty, even though I’m constantly cleaning him and he has a lot of unruly hair.

The other morning I got so angry at my little Chabo, in true wolf baby form he took a bite out of the couch and ripped a piece off, he had a piece of couch stuck in his teeth for two days, we just couldn’t get it out, it was this constant reminder that Arren bit a piece of the couch off, it would make me feel so angry at him every time I saw it, but poor Arren is still teething, but at least we are almost in the clear!

Usually when your day starts off like that you know it’s going to be a rough one.  Days like that your toddler refuses to nap, regrets the fact that he doesn’t want to nap, and decides it will be fun to throw tapioca starch all over the floor, while their mother struggles with the stove.

The thing about tapioca starch is that it’s really hard to clean it gets everywhere and sticks on everything, sweeping it up doesn’t get rid of it, vacuuming doesn’t get rid of it.  Mopping kind of gets rid of it, but you will find traces of it all over the house for weeks to come.

In those moments where you feel so overwhelmed it’s best to look at the positive side.  What can be so positive about flour all over the floor? Cute little baby feet all over the house and a cute little toddler making snow angels, diving on his tummy through it while giggling and going back to the bag to finish it off.

Even the couch  story is funny now, even though I was so angry when it happened, but they are only this little once and he didn’t mean it, he’s just teething and is trying to look for relief.  so take a big breathe and find the little nuggets of positivity in the negative feelings.