Things to do in Cape Town with Kids : Bo Kaap

Colorful houses, cobbled streets and cute little toddler in a baseball jacket, does it get any better?

Cape Town is a vibrant city, filled with color, spices and whole lot of spunk, but nothing is as colorful as the little houses in Bo kaap.  This little suburb  is an instagrammers dream, beautiful little houses to get just the best shot at , but the history behind these little houses are fascinating.

A mix between Cape Dutch and Georgian houses, that date back to 1850  Most of the people living in these houses are descendants of the slaves brought out of Malaysia, Indonesia and other Asian countries by the Dutch people in the 17th century .  When apartheid ended the people celebrated their freedom by painting their houses in these vibrant colors.


There is more to do than just taking a quick photo for the gram and being on your way.  The museum is a must visit when you are there.  It is housed in the oldest building in the area, this is where you will learn a lot of information about the Malay quarter.    As you stroll around really take in the beauty of the architecture, it’s easy to just take a quick photo and be on our way, without really admiring the beauty around you, follow the cobbled streets until you find a house that matches your outfit.  This was fun for me seeing as I was wearing red, for Carl and Arren…..not so much, we settled on a green wall for them.

And finally try some Cape Malay food while you’re there or in our case head to the vegan goods market for some tasty vegan food at on of the trendier cafes.

Just remember to not get too side tracked by the pretty houses, or you might get taken out by a car.  It’s always busy .