Things to do in Cape Town with Kids : V&A Waterfront

From the second we arrived at the waterfront Arren started cooing and aawing like we took him to Disney land.


You wouldn’t think that the waterfront would be so fun for kids, but man, did it blow Arren’s little mind.┬á It all started because we conveniently parked really close to Toy kingdom and like any good parents we tried to buffer Arren away before he could see the plethora of shiny toys and wonder that just scream my parents should buy me all of these things!┬á but, nothing escapes this little guys eyes, as soon as he saw this little wonderland he demanded to be put down on the ground.

The first thing he decided to do was get in his strange little frog car, we’re actually very lucky to have a kid that loves these little rides when they are not moving.┬á He has way more fun, making it move by himself and making the cutest little sound effects.┬á We decided to just take the plunge and head into the toy kingdom and what commenced made it all worth it.

Arren couldn’t decide where and what he wanted to look at and just kept storming up and down the isles cooing, he did all this while holding tightly onto his Papa’s hand.┬á We let him play on some of the toys and soon it was time to go.

The waterfront is such a fun place for kids, it might not seem that way, but all those sounds and sights really mesmerized Arren, he couldn’t get enough!┬á He played on the playground, ran around and even got to eat his very first ice cream.┬á Technically it was my ice cream, but seeing as we are all dairy free I shared my vegan ice cream with my little family.

You would think they would have gotten their own ones….

Arren was so tuckered out that he took a danger nap in his stroller, letting his parents have a little late lunch date.

But the best part about the day was, that his little danger nap, didn’t affect his bed time after all.┬á Teething molars affected that one.