Things to do in Cape Town with kids : Fish Hoek beach

When you have kids, everything changes, gone are the days of being able to go on a spontaneous hike at a second’s notice, instead it’s been replaced by packing 5 different bags filled with “what if this happens” things, and so many snacks you could probably solve the world’s hunger problem.

but that doesn’t mean you should just stay at home. ┬áHaving kids is a fun new adventure and creating memories with them should outweigh any tantrum that might come along the way.

One of our favourite things to do in Cape Town with Arren is go visit one of the many beaches, Cape Town has an abundance of beautiful beaches that are just waiting to be explored, but our favourite by far, is Fish Hoek beach. ┬á This little stretch of beach is a perfect little haven for Arren, he loves everything about Fish Hoek beach, the kelp free stretch of beach, the mild waves he can splash in , the amazing playground and the best fries we’ve ever had.

I’m not kidding the little take away sells the best fries I’ve ever had, it’s truly something special, but Arren’s favourite thing about Fish Hoek beach, is the little car at the take away. ┬áHe goes crazy for this car, he points and starts talking to it, as soon as he sees it, and there is no trying to escape his play date with this car. ┬áArren has hawk eyes and will not lose sight of this car even if he’s on the beach.

It’s the perfect place for him to run around and get all those toddler wiggles out, except if he’s sleepy, you do not want to be on the beach with us when Arren is sleepy, a demon comes out of him and the screaming will shatter windows. ┬á Oh, well! It’s still one of our favourite places to take Arren.