The streets of Gdansk

The streets of Gdansk, is a wanderer’s dream.┬á As an expat still in tourist mode, the streets of Gdansk is something that makes your eyes sparkle and your mind wander, how did you get so lucky to be here right now.

Gdansk is one of those cities that you wonder how on earth can you be living here right now, the cobbled stoned streets, the buildings right out of a storybook, the incredibly soft beach sand of the Baltic, the perfect hue of yellow of the amber that so many vendors sell.

The Summer months in Gdansk is a sweaty mess, but a good sweaty mess, the streets are alive with scantily clad women and men popping their shirts at every chance they get, Ice cream is sold at every corner, cold drinks are almost nowhere to be found at grocers, and when you do find it you wonder why is this still warm.  Trying to find any kind of shop, mall elevator that is really blasting the AC becomes your mission, yet you seem never to be able to find it.  Instead you keep wandering the streets and just keep looking, spinning, your mouth slightly open, because right here and now is magic, and as you snap out of it you realize you were acting like a complete tourist just because the streets are that amazing.

In embarrassment you order an uber and finally find some comfort in the cold blasting AC of your quiet uber drive back home, only to get back out in humidity!