The Playstation

The playstation is every kids dream.  It’s a little piece of heaven for parents and kids alike, where you can let them run around as much as they like and really get all those wiggles out!

In Arren’s case he crawled out his wiggles and really tired himself out.  Little guy was completely mesmerized by everything and couldn’t believe his luck that no one was saying no to him?  let me tell you guys something, he was menacing hard, he kept crawling from one thing to the next without a care in the world.

The little toddler section is small, but it’s big enough for your little pint sized terror, who want to explore everything!

We got a plate of fries to share and decided to tag team parent, which worked great for us!  Being able to sit and chill for a little bit, while the other parent played and entertained a pretty rambunctious almost one year old.  The little restaurant is cute and brings even more whimsy by having swing chairs while you eat or drink a beverage.  I really liked all the plants hanging from the roof, it added a little wonder and magic that make you feel like you’re in a fairytale.

He really liked this little sorter house.  All the toys are made with wood.  Arren was not a fan of sliding down the slide, but he loved climbing on it.

But soon in true Arren style, he found the one thing that he couldn’t play with,… the camera and the no less streak was over as soon as it begun.

At least he looks cute, while he’s naughty.

The playstation is a fun little place to take your kids in Cape Town! Don’t miss out on some fun this holiday season!