The move is here

We are in the final stretch of our move to Poland, in 17 days we will hopefully be on a plane to Gdansk Poland and with that comes a lot of anxiety.

This whole process has been long in with that comes a lot of time to think about everything, you start to think you have a lot of time to get things done, but then boom,┬á it’s the last 17 days and you realize maybe you’ve been procrastinating a bit too long.┬á We finally sold our dinning room table and chairs and the rocking chair,┬á and with that came a lot of emotions I didn’t feel like I had, as soon as the rocking chair left and the house started sounding more and more hollow, a wave of sadness swept over me, I felt sad for Arren, I felt sad for our home and I felt sad that Arren didn’t know what was going on.┬á All of that disappeared when Arren squealed with delight when he saw all that space to run around, he was extremely happy and kept doing laps around the house.

Hopefully he will keep that wonderful optimism for our flight to Johannesburg on Wednesday!┬á We have a busy and long day ahead of us, and I’m hoping it will all run smoothly, but I can’t help but expect the worst.┬á I’m expecting a miserable over tired toddler that’s just over us, but hopefully I will be pleasantly surprised again.