The most controversial topic…Breastfeeding in public.

Breastfeeding in public seems to be the topic with so much controversy behind it.  Everyone has their own opinion about what we should be doing.  I personally don’t have an opinion.  I think those women who are brave enough to whip out a boob when their baby needs it are some of the most heroic women around town.

I, on the other hand prefer to use a cover, not because I’m a prude or  am ashamed of breastfeeding, but because that’s just what makes me feel comfortable.  From the start Arren has been a natural at breastfeeding , but that doesn’t mean that he didn’t bob around like he’s trying to find apples in the beginning.  In the newborn stage I felt like I needed to cover up as we  learned how to breastfeed together, also people seem to really get involved in your breastfeeding asking you all about that latch, and to give myself some privacy instead of feeling like I’m out on display for  the whole world to talk about my sons weird snapping turtle look.

Now with Arren being firmly out of the newborn stage and in the baby part I feel like I need the cover more than ever.  Baby boy is so inquisitive and gets so easily distracted.  One minute he’s so sleepy and the next he’s like “ooh a bird” or “what was that noise”,  creating some awkward milk everywhere and boobs out for everyone to see moments.  Its more for him to stay focused on getting some milkies and relaxing, because when he doesn’t get his nap, there will be hell to pay!

Maybe by baby number four I will get more confidence to just breastfeed without a cover, but now I feel like I need to not embarrass Arren and let the whole world see his boob punching and how easily distracted he gets.  The boob punching is just mean.

After seeing so many hideous nursing covers that looks like a weird apron, I decided to rather use a really lightweight large scarf as my cover, i like wearing them and it covers any baby vomit stain up in an instant!  I had them before I was even pregnant and just love them!

Breastfeeding to me is one of the most amazing things, I make a complete food that can sustain my growing baby, it gives him comfort when he needs and it really keeps weight off for mama!  Seeing my little baby look up at me and smile while being in my arms makes my heart swell with joy, if it wasn’t weird I would breastfeed him until he’s 18, just joking!  Just imagine how much those punches would hurt then!

How have you felt while breastfeeding? are you for the cover or no cover at all kind of person? Do you have some tips?