the luckiest girl around town

As Mother’s day approaches I feel more and more grateful for this life I have. ┬áI have a beautiful, happy, healthy son that’s mine and a husband that’s extremely supportive, loving and wonderful.

Even though I’m losing so much hair and can visibly see the thinning thanks to having a baby, even if I’m covered in vomit on the reg, and poop-xplosions happen more often than I would like to admit, or the fact that my beautiful baby boy sometimes looks at me with such love and just goes straight for chin for a good suckling (its not a good feeling), even when I wipe large boogers out of Arrens nose, all of these things might sound extremely gross, I feel like the luckiest girl around. ┬áSometimes I feel like a Princess in this house, for the miracle that is my precious little boy, he has filled my heart with so much love that I never knew I was capable of. ┬áI never thought I would be a good mother, because in a lot of aspects I am still a child myself, but as soon as I found out I was pregnant with Arren everything changed, I was ready for motherhood, I was ready to care for someone else and give them the best possible life I can give them.

I’m grateful for having Arren in my life, sometimes I feel bad for how easy it was for me. We decided we wanted to start trying for a baby and 9 -10 months later we had him, I had an easy pregnancy and I’ve been a milk maiden when it came to breastfeeding. ┬áI think about all the women who struggle to have kids and ┬ámy heart fills with sorrow. ┬áI know everything will work out eventually even if its with adoption, but that pain that people feel breaks my heart. ┬áSo today I hold my little miracle a little tighter and pray for all my friends struggling with this.

As my little boy grows and develops I feel luckier each day, because even though he’s only a baby for little while he will always be mine.