The long wait

As you all know we are moving to Poland soon.  I say soon, because the wait has been so long, and the date keeps changing, but things are happening, just ridiculously slow.

The whole process has taken extremely long, the uncertainty has been driving me crazy, will we leave tomorrow? Next week? or Next month, but we’ve settled on being optimistically cautious and decided that it will be around the end of next month, probably sooner, but hey “optimistically cautious” over here.

We were lucky enough to be able to rent our house for an extra month seeing as they are having trouble renting it, so a big burden of where the heck will we go has been lifted off our shoulders.

So while we wait, we embrace our beautiful life we have created here, our cute little toddler running around the garden, playing with his motorcycle, our morning walks, and afternoon runs, beach days, and the lovely rain that Cape Town so desperately needs, the surprisingly hot day in between the cold days, and all of Arren’s favourite snacks I can definitely say are allergy friendly.

Embracing these last couple of weeks here with my little family before we really rock the boat with our move to Poland.