That Farm life

Not a lot has happened this week on the farm.  We’re living as frugally as possible, so all the money we have left over will go into travels, who needs to eat anyway .  I’ve started selling our stuff and my passport has finally arrived. I just need to go pick it up tomorrow and hope the queue is not terribly long.  Well even if it is, who cares! I get to travel soon!

Sometimes things don’t go according to plan.  Like  home-made ginger beer that turns into a science project.  I just couldn’t wait, I wanted some right at that moment at any cost.  Or when your cat finds  catnip and goes absolutely mental for a very long time.  Belphie is already not the nicest cat in the world, but add catnip to the mix and you’ve got a stone cold killer!

I asked Carl what he would like to remember from farm life and this is what he had to say;

  1. Opening the door early in the morning and seeing a random dog staring at you.  Its a sure fire way to scare yourself awake.
  2. The cry of the jackals at night.
  3. Playing stick ball, because kick ball is too mainstream.  We just beat around a ball with a stick.
  4. Never being able to eat swiss chard, because everything beats us to it.  Here’s looking at you horses, cows and stupid birds.
  5. The amazing sunsets.  Carl is a sunset freak, he’s got a large selection of sunset photos he’s taken.
  6. Every time you get home it feels like a holiday.  We keep it clean.
  7. You know the seasons are changing when our landlord starts wearing shirts.

Photo time!


Dried camomile

^^ Dried camomile.  This smells like heaven!

Catnip, not even once

^^ Catnip….Not even once.


^^ Planted some more flowers.

Storm brewing

^^ Storm brewing.


^^ Taking photos of sunsets.


^^ My pretty bearded husband.

What’s your weekend plans?