That awkward Phase

The thing about having a toddler born in January is, that they are in the awkward phase.  Finally they fit in their clothes from last season, but just one growth spurt away from that jacket being a crop top.

And there is nothing wrong with making fashion statements with your children’s clothes, but with a toddler who HATES the cold it’s just not for us right now.

Things have drastically taken a turn for the really cold around here In Poland, one second I’m like nah, I can wait with buying a jacket for myself the next thing I’m crying a bit every time I have to go out.  How did I survive last year with just two pairs of pants? thing is I hate pants so much….so much, but now, I have no choice I need to get pants, but how will pants ever be comfortable? It seems like who ever says, man these jeans are comfortable, must be a huge liar, because pants are not comfortable, but this post is not about my hatred for pants, which I could go on about.  It’s about that awkward phase.

The awkward phase where your parents decide the logical thing to do is by you the size up, because you know a growth spurt will happen.   We’ve all seen those photos of us in way too large clothes and wondered what the heck were our parents thinking?   They were thinking logically I tell you.

and you can only see that when you become a parent of a rapidly growing toddler.

We somehow accepted that it’s fine for Arren to look just a little bit like spongebob.   A little square at the top with skinny little legs at the bottom.

One day he’s going to look back at these photos and wonder what the heck were my parents thinking? but you know what, January is a tricky month to be born in.