Teaching Your Baby How To Share

I’m not the best sharer in the world, I have a really difficult time sharing food with people. ┬áI’ve been known to throw a bowl of food away, because someone grossly took a bite out of it, but I did share my body for 9 months with my baby and even though I’m a bad sharer, I’ve created the best little sharer around.

Before Arren was born, I told Carl that he would have to take the reigns with the sharing thing, ┬áthe idea of sharing a drool covered half eaten, piece of whatever was just too much for my mind to bare. ┬áNow? I get forced to drink food drooled in water and pretend that I love it, while trying not to vomit. ┬áWhen I made that statement so many months ago, I didn’t know just how gross it would be, it’s so much worse than I ever imagined, but my little baby ┬álooks at me with such pride while he force feeds me, that I never let my grossed out face show. ┬áWhen a baby offers you a half eaten rice cake, that’s super soggy, you take a bite out of it and you act grateful. ┬áI’ve even tried to fool him by taking fake bites, but he isn’t fooled by my tricks. ┬áHe will just keep pushing it in my mouth until I take a real bite and no little bite will do, you have to take a big bite, before he happily goes on eating his food.

How did I teach Arren to be such a good sharer?


By begrudgingly sharing things with his father. ┬áCarl is the love of my life and the best father and husband on the block, but boy. ┬á That man has one wet mouth and he always wants a bite out of my food. ┬áThere is this one memory from a couple of days ago that really stands out to me, I really didn’t want to share my mochi with him, so I gave him some chocolate instead, after a while I felt like Carl just had to experience my really yummy red bean mochi, so I gave him a bite……..There was tongue, spit strings and so much wetness left on my mochi that I had to dry it off. I literally had to dry off food. ┬áI just couldn’t believe what he did to my delicious treat, his solution to my complete horror was to take another really wet bite.

All jokes aside the best way to get your baby to share is to show him how to share, lead by example. ┬áBabies see everything we do and learn from our example. ┬áWe don’t just share food by taking bites from each others meals, we also share meals a lot. ┬áWe eat sushi from one plate, we eat fries from one plate, we will eat rice cakes from one plate, when we go out we will often just order one meal and share that, because two meals is just too much for us. ┬áIt’s all about the act of sharing, ┬áwhen Arren wants a bite of my banana I will offer him some. ┬áIt’s really showed me what little sponges babies are, and how fast they pick up things. ┬á It really makes me try to put my best foot forward with him around.

He’s also been giving big open mouth kisses and will tilt his head, waiting for his papa to give him a good bye kiss in the morning. ┬áEven if his mouth is covered in breast milk mixed millet.

I’m hoping he will stay such a good sharer and be a good example for his future siblings.