Strawberry Picking

One of the things we were excited ¬†to do this Spring was go strawberry picking. ¬†A lot of my holiday memories are based around going to this one strawberry farm that had a lot of scarecrows all around the biggest, reddest, most beautiful strawberries I’ve ever seen. ¬†This farm did not disappoint, no it didn’t have scarecrows, but it was nestled in the beautiful Magaliesberg on a scenic farm. ¬†Tangaroa strawberry farm is great for strawberry picking, picnicking at the dam, duck watching, playing with dogs and they made a great strawberry jam to boot!

With most things in life its always best to get your little bucket at the gate and get there early, because the early strawberry picker catches the best strawberries

Organic sign

^^ Organic strawberries! Yum.

Strawberry farm

^^ lots of people getting their strawberry on.


^^ I love the little red bucket and the strawberries.

Strawberry picking

^^ When the glasses comes off, you know its serious strawberry picking time.

Strawberry picking

^^ Happy strawberry picking.  Yes, Carl and I are basically wearing the same outfit.

Strawberry picking

^^ Kind of a Chandler smile, but still pretty cute.

Strawberry picking

Strawberries in soda bottles

Strawberry farm

^^ Yay! Strawberries. Boy, was it hot! I started feeling whoozy  at the end.

DSC_2581new - Copy

^^ Check out these strawberry field or the I’m sitting in air pose.


^^ Even the dogs love the strawberries.

DSC_2613new - Copy

^^ After the strawberry picking, we headed to the little restaurant and got some much needed refreshments.  Carl really enjoyed this strawberry milkshake.  I had a delicious virgin strawberry daiquiri that really hit the spot.


^^ On our way to the car we spotted mulberries and got our mulberry picking on.


an instant of life captured for eternity

Weekend are made for adventures, wait any time is a great time for adventures. ¬†We have been in full adventures, get our fun on mode lately. ¬†Trying to tourist the life out of our city before we leave, its been dandy to say the least. ¬†From strawberry picking on the hottest day in the world to rowing on a dam, relaxing at home and Carl studying away a storm. ¬†Ordinary days are the ones you remember. ¬†Its all about making memories and having fun along the way and photos captures the moments you don’t want to forget.


^^ We had such an intense thunderstorm here on Friday.  The sky was blue and wonderful on one side and super ominous on the other, and suddenly it was a ridiculous thunderstorm.  It knocked the whole areas electricity out and started a wildfire.

Garden Roses

^^ The garden roses are really just showing off now.  These guys and the lilies are beautifying the front verandah to the max.


^^ Spray painting the wooden ladder.  This photo is deceiving, I actually ended up spray painting the ladder.  Go ME!

sad ball

^^ I was so shocked to see someone else playing sad ball.  Sad ball is my thing! What is sad ball? Its when you end up playing with a ball all by yourself, while looking super goth/emo with a sad, sulky face.  This guy was playing sad ball hard.


^^ a relaxing row.  Well it was relaxing when I was not rowing.


^^ I kept rowing in a circle and I could not stop laughing.  My arms did not want to work.


^^ Look at that form!


^^ Walks around parks.  This park is filled with evil ducks.  They will chase you down and do odd duck things to you.  Beware.

Strawberry picking

^^ Strawberry picking. Boy, it sure was hot. ¬†I mean really hot. ¬†I felt like passing out and just becoming a strawberry myself. ¬†I didn’t. ¬†I’m still human. ¬†Don’t worry.



^^ They gave us a cute little bucket and I was happy as a clam.  I love containers.  Everything should have a place!


^^ Carl wants me to do a segment on my blog all about the photos he takes of me and giant trees.  I told him  I will call it bigotry/biggatree.  I can be so punny sometimes.


^^ yummy olives spotted.  None purchased.

Vegan feast

^^ Vegan feast aka a date worthy of a thousand stars.  Dates at home can be just what the Dr ordered.


^^ Super delicious strawberry and mint water.


^^We’ve been hiking as much as we can lately and its been a dream. ¬†Getting our sweat on while being in nature. ¬†Just the best.

What have you been doing lately?