an instant of life captured for eternity


^^ Cookies and cream banana nice cream.  Way better for you than normal ice cram and just amazingly yum!


^^ Anniversary walks around Greyton


^^ This place has the cutest little streets, houses and flowers all over.


^^ Super smiley Carl


^^ The drive to Greyton is absolutely amazing, just look at that colour.


^^ It doesn’t even look real.


^^ Even on cloudy days he doesn’t want to keep his eyes open for photos.


^^ Sunday seashell hunting.


^^ He found a shell.  I was looking for medium sized shells and he kept giving me really big seashells, that looked like we could live in it.


^^ pretty yellow flowers for our anniversary.


^^ Ocean treasures.


Hello friends! How was your weekend? Can you believe its already August, I can’t believe how fast this year has just flown by. ¬†We celebrated our first wedding anniversary by taking a drive into the countryside of Cape town, we found the sweetest little town to walk around in and feel all giddy, I was really surprised by all the restaurants serving vegan friendly meals, its something you don’t often see in small towns! We are still looking for a perfect print to order, so nothing on the first year wedding anniversary gift front yet, but we will find the perfect print eventually, I hope.

an instant of life captured for eternity

We’ve been going on little walks around the neighbourhood every night when Carl gets home from work. ¬†Walking at 6 – 7 is a peaceful time here, hardly anyone on the streets, just a couple of crazy drivers, driving like the autobahn opened up here or something, its a reasonably peaceful time to talk, catch up, talk about future plans and where we are headed next. ¬†We usually go back home when the hunger starts kicking in, but I really appreciate these little moments with Carl, its been a rough couple of weeks, going from seeing each other all the time for 4 months to hardly seeing each other. ¬†Its especially hard for me, I try with all my might to stay up to talk and cuddle, but all I can seem to do is fall asleep hard, and wake up when Carl asks me if I’m awake, I usually respond with some mumbo jumbo that makes no sense, but hey we always have weekend. ¬†Life lately!


^^ Walking around in Newlands forest.


^^ Pretty trees.


^^ Being a super poser or pretending he’s holding the tree up. ¬†Hmmm, could be both.


^^ Obviously someone isn’t appreciating nature. ¬†He was just looking for directions out of here.


^^ Bokaap is filled with these colorful houses!


^^ Roses on a walk.


^^ These sunsets!

an instant of life captured for eternity

During a heatwave its best to just stay at home and do a little rain dance ,maybe? We didn’t do a rain dance, but we have been crazily swatting the air and pulling our hair out with all the flies and mosquitoes that have invaded the house! Its like the plague…and the cleaner the house the more flies seem to be coming in. ¬†They are also super big fans of citronella essential oil, clove, eucalyptus and fly away incense. ¬† Do you have any handy tips for keeping flies out of a farm house? ¬†Burn the house down?

yard games

^^ Yard games are always a good idea.

Yard games

^^ Can you spot the ball?


^^ Everyday should be filled with bubbles.


^^ I’m a really serious bubble blower. ¬†I’m holding on to the bow and arrow, I didn’t want to share.


^^ Blowing sun bubbles.


^^ pretty bubbles.

bubbles and sunset

bubbles and sunset




^^ Sun gazing.




^^ Carl lovingly named these horse poop flowers.  For obvious reasons.


^^ Sunsets like these.


^^ and this.


^^ The neighbours cat loves me.  The friendliest cat you will ever meet.  Belphie hates him.


^^ I still stroke him.

Stroking cows

^^ We woke up to really loud mooing outside our bedroom window and found the baby cows mooing at cows across the road.  I got licked by this little cow,  its tongue feels like Belphies.

How was your weekend?