Healthy Rocky Road Ice Cream

One of my favorite memories I have of my childhood is my dad coming to pick me up from school, always a little frazzled and always a lot late, with this look on his face that always said, “I tried to get here as fast as possible, but two hours after school was the earliest I could get off work”, I was never really upset with him for letting me wait for him that long, because I knew we would go do the daily shopping and afterwards we would go for ice cream.   Continue reading

Protein Packed Chocolate Milkshake

I’m a big lover of sweet things, I never use to be, I was a big fan of everything savory,  I wouldn’t even glance at  a dessert menu when I went out. I could do without anything sweet, but for the past year all I’ve wanted is sweet things! Instead of falling completely off the deep end and just going on a sugar binge, I’ve been coming up with healthy alternatives for this ridiculous sweet tooth.  Continue reading