Where is Arren

Do you remember your first toy? The first love of your life that wasn’t your mother?┬á For Arren, he has many and he just can’t make up his mind who he will love the most on the day.┬á Who can blame him, so many cute options. Continue reading

We stop for whales

What do you do when you see a whale, but you’re already running really late to meet up with people? You stop of course! ┬áWe couldn’t believe our luck when we saw not one whale, but two on our drive to visit some family. Continue reading

Comfort in Mama’s arm

I remember when I became a mother, how it all didn’t feel real, sometimes it would feel like Arren was just going to pack his little baby suitcase and say “bye, ma. ┬áI’m off to live my life now.” ┬áIt didn’t feel real that he was mine forever, as he’s gotten older I sometimes still forget that he is still a little baby and still looks for comfort in his mama arms. Continue reading

Tippy toes

My little baby is not so little anymore, he’s growing into such a little boy and I just can’t stand it. ┬áHe went from having his cute little newborn toes, that was so helpless and needed me to carry him around to standing on his tippy toes, demanding that he can do everything himself. Continue reading