That Farm life / What’s cookin’ good lookin’

The last ‘that farm life’ post. ¬†Wow, time ¬†does not stop for no man. ¬†Carl’s CFA exam is tomorrow; Wowza, ¬†after months of studying, frustration, worry, eventually understanding and confidence, the time to shine is here. ¬†Hopefully all his hard work and the hours he put in will pay off. ¬†You’ve got this, husband!

A strange calm has set over the farm, I say the farm, because it just feels like a cloud of calm just surrounding everyone. Just making us all feel like everything is going to be a-okay. Everything is sorted out, we just have to pack and we are good to go! Being overly prepared really pays off. ¬†I’ve been trying to finish my abnormal psychology book, so I can start reading personality theories on the plane. ¬†Yes, I read psychology books for fun. ¬† Learning is my jam! ¬†I’m more determined than ever to master mandarin, so far its going great, but I still feel really gweilo. ¬†Soon I will be shopping at an Asian grocer without getting strange looks from everyone in it. ¬†Soon! Well hopefully sooner rather than later. ¬†Maybe I’ll speak some bastardization of all the languages I speak. ¬†Making my own monstrous language. ¬†Lets get to photos!


^^ A family photo of sorts. ¬†Carl’s pants, Belphie trying to get attention and me sulking in the background, because non of the dogs wanted to play with me.


^^ Catnip box in the background, passed out cat. ¬†I think he’s got a problem


^^ This photo was literally taken a second before he got stung by a wasp.


^^ Shadow puppets, because a storm knocked the electricity out. ¬†You haven’t experienced dark, until you’ve experienced farm dark. ¬†Scary.


^^ Sushi date on the bed.


^^ The lonely hat on the wall and two boxes of keepsakes.


^^ Spinster…. It feels like such a sexist term. ¬†Like I’ve been waiting all my life for a man to save me from a future of being a crazy cat lady. ¬†Pssh.


^^ a storm is brewing.


^^ Pretty flowers


^^  a 6 hour exam calls for a bento box.  Tofu sushi, spinach onigiri, two coconut hemp cookies and tamagoyaki (rolled omelette).   With a side of soy sauce and wasabi.

What’s your weekend plans?


an instant of life captured for eternity

This week has been truly horrid! We are selling things which is great, but man, selling stuff on the internet is mind numbingly trying. ¬†People not understanding why they can’t come to your house. ¬† I mean stranger danger? I’m not taking any risks, my pepper spray skills is not that great. ¬†Others thinking you are a shop and want everything new, or not knowing what a blender or juicer is, but wanting it because its cheap and sending you a rude message late at night, because they don’t know what its for or how to use it. People calling at a ridiculous hour for stuff. When you are selling a toaster and a person demands to know what car you have, so they can buy it, if you don’t see an ad for a car, you shouldn’t ask about it and last but not least, people saying they will meet you at certain time telling you they will be there, putting their phone off and letting you sit in a parking lot for more than an hour.

Don’t even get me started on the millions of people trying to scam us! I’m not stupid, I won’t be falling for that! ¬†I knew what I was getting myself into, but jeez! People get insane! We’ve hardly been sleeping thanks to all this craziness. ¬†Maybe I will be so exhausted when we get on the plane, I will sleep the 18 hour flight away. ¬†Maybe…Probably not. On the plus side, we are selling things and our house is starting to look like a bare commune, so whoooo! ¬†Lets get to photos!


^^ Pretty skies makes everything better.


^^ A house filled with things.


^^ Nothing left except pretty light.


^^ Eating in the bedroom, because we have furniture in there! Being a reindeer, because fun!


^^ Belphie being pretty.


^^ White sunsets thanks to hazy days. DSC_3434new

^^ During all the chaos we decided to take an arcade break.  Best decision ever.


How was your weekend? Do you have any online horror stories?

That Farm life

Not a lot has happened this week on the farm. ¬†We’re living as frugally as possible, so all the money we have left over will go into travels, who needs to eat anyway . ¬†I’ve started selling our stuff and my passport has finally arrived. I just need to go pick it up tomorrow and hope the queue is not terribly long. ¬†Well even if it is, who cares! I get to travel soon!

Sometimes things don’t go according to plan. ¬†Like ¬†home-made ginger beer that turns into a science project. ¬†I just couldn’t wait, I wanted some right at that moment at any cost. ¬†Or when your cat finds ¬†catnip and goes absolutely mental for a very long time. ¬†Belphie is already not the nicest cat in the world, but add catnip to the mix and you’ve got a stone cold killer!

I asked Carl what he would like to remember from farm life and this is what he had to say;

  1. Opening the door early in the morning and seeing a random dog staring at you.  Its a sure fire way to scare yourself awake.
  2. The cry of the jackals at night.
  3. Playing stick ball, because kick ball is too mainstream.  We just beat around a ball with a stick.
  4. Never being able to eat swiss chard, because everything beats us to it. ¬†Here’s looking at you horses, cows and stupid birds.
  5. The amazing sunsets. ¬†Carl is a sunset freak, he’s got a large selection of sunset photos he’s taken.
  6. Every time you get home it feels like a holiday.  We keep it clean.
  7. You know the seasons are changing when our landlord starts wearing shirts.

Photo time!


Dried camomile

^^ Dried camomile.  This smells like heaven!

Catnip, not even once

^^ Catnip….Not even once.


^^ Planted some more flowers.

Storm brewing

^^ Storm brewing.


^^ Taking photos of sunsets.


^^ My pretty bearded husband.

What’s your weekend plans?