an instant of life captured for eternity


^^ Yes, a blurry photos, but out of the hundreds of photos Carl takes 80 % of them has a finger in them, ¬†is blurry beyond believe, or just looks odd. ¬†He’s getting better, at taking photos so I’ll give him that.


^^ Forest walks, it doesn’t get better.


^^ i was trying to put the camera away, but Carl wanted to take a photo.  Photo pose time.


^^ A little bit of green popping out.  Can you find a four leaved one?


^^ Cute little mushroom.


^^ A waterfall popping out. ¬† Not seen, the man and his dog in the river, why? I don’t know.


^^ Roots everywhere.  We should really start taking lessons from nature.  Endure no matter what.


^^ Pretty flowers.


^^ Leaves everywhere.


^^ I was ranting about the fact that I can’t find pants that fit me and it was so easy to find good looking pants in Ireland. ¬†This looks like his stop talking about pants face. ¬†Even my workout pants started slipping off on our hike.


^^ Sandwich break!  German Rye bread with a butterbean spread and lots of salad.  Really Yum!


^^ Carl approves!


^^ Lilies popping out everywhere!

How was your weekend? We’ve been house hunting with not much luck here, everyone seems to want 2 months deposit, the rent and the soul of your first born child. Its not like we’re buying! We just want to rent a house, nowhere else we’ve lived has given us so much nonsense. ¬†In Ireland we just paid cash, gave them the deposit and we secured the place like that. ¬†In Joburg we only had to pay the deposit to secure the place, but our Realtor is the most helpful British man around, he told us its harder to rent in Cape town, because of the relax living here, people apparently just forget to pay rent, and completely trash the places. ¬†I’ve never heard of anyone just forgetting to pay rent, it just seems obscene! ¬†We still have faith and hope that we will find the perfect place for us. ¬†Hopefully soon!


Taking a few steps back, to eventually move forward.


Lately its felt like we’ve been thrown a million steps back. ¬†Sitting in our apartment that looks like we are stuck in a bad 80’s sitcom will make you feel that way. ¬†The washing machine is so ridiculously old that I have to hand wash and wring out everything to get everything clean, but its not just because we somehow landed in a cockroach infested apartment that makes me feel like that. ¬†Before going to Ireland we were making a lot more money, living in a nice little farm cottage and just enjoying our non stinky environment, but taking so many steps back has made me realize that sometimes you need to take a few steps back to get put on the life path that you want.

Yes, back in the day we were making more money, but Carl was lost and hating his job. ¬†We sold all our stuff to be able to live in Ireland and now we have nothing, but to be honest all the stuff we had was really just not us. ¬†Outdated couches, hand me downs and a bed that had some serious spring issues doesn’t exactly scream, life path I want to be one. ¬†Going to Ireland made us realize how we don’t want to live, we don’t want to be always worrying about money, so never actually doing anything, I never want to make my children feel like giant financial burdens that are just a nuisance, we want to go on more adventures no matter how small and we want to move to a place with a cooler climate.

Our trip to Ireland made us grow, really soul search and figure out plans and wants. ¬†Carl wants to go into finance and he finally has his foot in the door. ¬†yes, he is super bored and doesn’t feel like he’s there yet, but he’s got clear goals now and knows what he wants. ¬†After years of wanting to become a Psychologist and having my family completely put me off of it, I’ve decided to live my own life and just be who I want to be. ¬†I mean when you’re reading psychology test books for fun, maybe its time you get the ball rolling and get started in the career path I want to be on.

So sometimes you get thrown off the path that you assumed was the path you were suppose to be on, because it was easy and convenient. ¬†To be led onto the path that’s going to make you stronger and give you more than you expected. ¬†We’ve been thrown off the train, and shocked by all the trails that have been put in our way over such a short period of time, but I’ve realized something, there is never a perfect time for anything, and the best things in life are the unexpected, that turns into the best parts of your life.

an instant of life captured for eternity

During a heatwave its best to just stay at home and do a little rain dance ,maybe? We didn’t do a rain dance, but we have been crazily swatting the air and pulling our hair out with all the flies and mosquitoes that have invaded the house! Its like the plague…and the cleaner the house the more flies seem to be coming in. ¬†They are also super big fans of citronella essential oil, clove, eucalyptus and fly away incense. ¬† Do you have any handy tips for keeping flies out of a farm house? ¬†Burn the house down?

yard games

^^ Yard games are always a good idea.

Yard games

^^ Can you spot the ball?


^^ Everyday should be filled with bubbles.


^^ I’m a really serious bubble blower. ¬†I’m holding on to the bow and arrow, I didn’t want to share.


^^ Blowing sun bubbles.


^^ pretty bubbles.

bubbles and sunset

bubbles and sunset




^^ Sun gazing.




^^ Carl lovingly named these horse poop flowers.  For obvious reasons.


^^ Sunsets like these.


^^ and this.


^^ The neighbours cat loves me.  The friendliest cat you will ever meet.  Belphie hates him.


^^ I still stroke him.

Stroking cows

^^ We woke up to really loud mooing outside our bedroom window and found the baby cows mooing at cows across the road.  I got licked by this little cow,  its tongue feels like Belphies.

How was your weekend?