Life in the Cape Town Drought

Experiencing the Cape Town drought has been a very humbling experience.  It’s helped me think about water as something that’s precious and that should be looked after, but now that the rain have come and I’m starting to see life pop out all around me, I feel a sense of cautious relief.

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Taking a few steps back, to eventually move forward.


Lately its felt like we’ve been thrown a million steps back.  Sitting in our apartment that looks like we are stuck in a bad 80’s sitcom will make you feel that way.  The washing machine is so ridiculously old that I have to hand wash and wring out everything to get everything clean, but its not just because we somehow landed in a cockroach infested apartment that makes me feel like that.  Before going to Ireland we were making a lot more money, living in a nice little farm cottage and just enjoying our non stinky environment, but taking so many steps back has made me realize that sometimes you need to take a few steps back to get put on the life path that you want.

Yes, back in the day we were making more money, but Carl was lost and hating his job.  We sold all our stuff to be able to live in Ireland and now we have nothing, but to be honest all the stuff we had was really just not us.  Outdated couches, hand me downs and a bed that had some serious spring issues doesn’t exactly scream, life path I want to be one.  Going to Ireland made us realize how we don’t want to live, we don’t want to be always worrying about money, so never actually doing anything, I never want to make my children feel like giant financial burdens that are just a nuisance, we want to go on more adventures no matter how small and we want to move to a place with a cooler climate.

Our trip to Ireland made us grow, really soul search and figure out plans and wants.  Carl wants to go into finance and he finally has his foot in the door.  yes, he is super bored and doesn’t feel like he’s there yet, but he’s got clear goals now and knows what he wants.  After years of wanting to become a Psychologist and having my family completely put me off of it, I’ve decided to live my own life and just be who I want to be.  I mean when you’re reading psychology test books for fun, maybe its time you get the ball rolling and get started in the career path I want to be on.

So sometimes you get thrown off the path that you assumed was the path you were suppose to be on, because it was easy and convenient.  To be led onto the path that’s going to make you stronger and give you more than you expected.  We’ve been thrown off the train, and shocked by all the trails that have been put in our way over such a short period of time, but I’ve realized something, there is never a perfect time for anything, and the best things in life are the unexpected, that turns into the best parts of your life.

Harry Potter Home Inspiration – Gryffindor

Its time for another Harry Potter home inspiration post! and today’s inspiration comes from GRYFFINDOR!  and the crowd goes wild.


Gryffindor was founded by Godric Gryffindor,  the characteristics for Gryffindor consists of; courage, chivalry and determination.  Personally I don’t think I would have landed a spot in Gryffindor, but I think we all have a little Gryffindor inside of us.

Finding home inspiration from Gryffindor is rather easy.  With all those velvet couches, big pPersianrugs, dramatic fireplaces,  reading nook and huge wooden cabinets.  You just want to become a star quidditch playing, brave, but ever so reckless, with just a hint of arrogance Gryffindor.

Tumblr_mwtx268xki1qc17ifo4_r1_250 Hermione and Harry in the Gryffindor common room GryffindorDormitory Gryffindor_common_room Gryffindor_Common_Room (1) ae89aaa5a7843cd9f7b46429b308bb46

Now lets take a look at my version of the Gryffindor dormitories!

7c1c470d92122c9538894b330341ab10 2805c37af4e22e41c891987946b1f26b likable-chesterfield-scarlet-velvet transitional-living-room

^^ Now these are a great take on the Gryffindor couches and they still look comfy enough, for a long relaxing nap after learning about spells and potions.

a7d2f0301c8f19613799b4d3c15b2e56 fireplaces-01168-420-074-1 ventless-fireplace-8

^^ It just wouldn’t be Hogwarts without a fire place and the Gryffindor dormitories are no different.  These fireplaces range from the overly dramatic to minimalistic, but yet all of them have that drama you want.


^^ Lets just take a second to talk about how incredible this sliding bookcase is.  Its magical just to gaze upon it! Sign me up for one of those, right now!

transitional-bookcases American-style-solid-wood-bookcase-1-8-meters-combination-of-font-b-large-b-font-bookcase

^^ Big clunky bookcases have never looked so good, right?

eclectic-island-home-capri4 decor-pad-4_rect540 crreamy-life-2_rect540 bold_styleathome_turquoise 10zzk85

^^ I’ve always had a thing for large Persian rugs, but boy, do they have a large price tag to go with the largeness of the carpet.  These are absolutely breathtaking, I truly believe that blue one should be in my house right now.

ab80cb663281a6e51ba7460fd0d1b6cf cozy-fireplace cozy-reading-nook-with-bookcase-and-fireplace tumblr_lthekirq3V1r3hyudo1_500

^^ The one thing I love about Harry Potter, is the way it can make you giddy and these fireplace reading nooks, just speak to my heart.  They SPEAK to it!

Journey-Vintage-Tobacco-Leather-Trunk-Side-Table-P15267931 eclectic-nightstands-and-bedside-tables c73402d21b58603e050cd1b9463992ce

^^ You know you can’t go to Hogwarts without your trunk, and with all those outrageously small side tables in the Gryffindor dorm, you will have to use your trunk as a pretty table.


^^ This was the only red bedding I liked, it suits the room so well and you know you have to represent your colours.

wrought_iron_fourposter_bed_m vsdfsfsd Pine Four Poster Bed_A_SS-1 melton-pine-four-poster-bed-1318005904 image-four-poster-bed fantastic-poster-bed-2-e3iAg chatsworth 2nd bed 32523-1_l

^^ and the best for last the four poster beds that just bring out the Prince an Princess inside of us.  I mean wizard and witch.

Happy Friday everyone.  I hope you have found some home inspiration, if you are going on a shopping spree this weekend, if not have fun!