A Sneak Peak Into Baby A’s Nursery

This year has really been a rough one for us, its been trial after trial and just when we think everything will be good for a while its back to where we started. Yesterday we found out that our landlord has put our little house up for sale, so now we are back to looking for a new place when we just made this place a home. ¬†It was just at that moment when things finally looked a little better, I’ve been trying to smile through all the hardships this year, but man! this one was just a little bit too much to bear. ¬†All the stress caused me to have severe stomach pains last night, I actually thought I might go into early labour! ¬†I had pain until the early morning and started feeling better when I lay on the floor for a bit. Even though I’m still really depressed about everything, I’m feeling a bit better today. ¬†Extremely exhausted and depressed, but at least ¬†no signs of labour. ¬†I trust in Gods plan, but I just wish things would look a little better for once. ¬†It feels like everything went completely wrong for us as soon as we got back to South Africa. ¬†Maybe its God’s way of telling us we shouldn’t be here, or just testing us. ¬†I guess we will see what the plan is eventually.

So before we have to leave I decided to give a little glimpse into our little unfinished nursery for baby A. ¬†We decided to do a gender neutral woodland themed nursery with a little more foxes around than necessary, because of the one night we were walking home in Dublin and as we were talking/ ranting about how much we didn’t want to go back to South Africa we saw a fox. ¬†It was one of those moments where everything felt calm, and we later found out that’s about the time baby A was conceived. ¬†Baby A reminds us of that fox and how calm we felt in that moment, our little Irish baby. ¬† Lets take a look into the nursery. Shall we?


^^ we wanted to make this room magical for baby A with fairy lights draped above the crib, I was waiting for Carl to drape it a bit more than my quick slap dash job here.


^^ This little chest of drawers was the best find this year. ¬†I found it for really cheap online, painted it a light green (it looks blue in this photo) and spray painted the knobs gold. ¬†If you look to the left you can see my home birth vomit bucket. ¬†ūüėõ ¬†I was still up in the air about painting the ceiling white, I really wanted to, but the little tree house feel made me want to keep it as is.


^^ We put up this shelf to hang some cute little clothes and have some knick- knacks displayed.  Some of the extra drawings I did on the changing mat.


^^ I wanted a nursing chair that could be moved around the house easily later on and this one is not only comfy, but meets all the other criteria.  I spray painted the legs gold.  Carl and I also made the little yellow monster and arm knitted the blanket.


^^ Added a bit of boho to the room with this handmade hanging thing.  I also hand painted the clouds on the walls, to give a touch of whimsy.


^^ I ordered these crib sheets from amazon and I just love it!  They come in a set of two and its just beautiful!  Also featured, bunny wearing his neckerchief drool bibs I sewed.


^^ I was only going to make a 1 tier woodland themed mobile, but Carl convinced me to make a two tier one. ¬†I’m really glad he convinced me, I had a lot of fun making these little guys and I just love the hedgehog.


^^ This buck head was one of the first things we got for the baby’s room, I spray painted the horns gold to make it look a bit friendlier.


^^ I really wanted a bookshelf up in the baby’s room, but because we don’t have an IKEA here, just buying one wasn’t an option. ¬†We made a plan and found this piece of wood ¬†that made a perfect book rack. ¬†Ordered most of the books from amazon.


^^ I painted three sleeping watercolour woodland animals, forgot what a deer looks like and now my deer looks more like a hyena than a deer.  I still like them.


^^ Little fox hooded towel.


^^ I crocheted two of these granny square blankets, one for a boy and one for a girl.  This one is for a girl and is in the colours of the northern lights and the one for a boy is in the moses basket in our room.  I ripped out some stuffing to make this cute little bear rug.


^^ Things we still wanted to do was put a garden gnome in that empty spot on the right with two soft mushroom stools, paint the ceiling white and add a little more bits and pieces.  This room brings me great joy, I wanted our baby to have a magical place to play and to grow, where imagination could run wild.  I just love this room.

Home Office Tour – Its nerdy up in here.

Today I wanted to share our home office with you guys.  When we first moved into this little farm cottage the one  things we knew we wanted was a home office/study.  We wanted to create a little haven where we could feel inspired to work and study without feeling distracted by clutter and mess.  We tried to keep the space clean and express our unique personalities in our decor, we also got our frugal on and got most of the stuff for free, charity shops, made by yours truly and gifted from lovely parents.

Take a gander into our little abode.




^^ I promise we do get work done in here.

Home office

^^ No office is complete without some motivational art all over the wall.

home office

^^ I used a clipboard as a frame to add a touch of whimsy and so I can interchange artwork.  The little chalkboard is for writing love notes of course! I also added a string of photos.

home office

^^ Bright coloured frames and motivational quotes,  to really get you working.

Home office

^^ I have an unnatural fear of frogs, so this is the closest I will ever get to batmaning it, and frog woman just doesn’t sound like a superhero I would want to be. ¬†The little pot plant in the background has rosemary in it. ¬†I read an article about rosemary improving memory.

DSCF7602new^^ Little clock and a lot of study material.


^^ This guy is always studying.

pompom garland

^^ everybody needs a pompom garland in their office.


^^ My reading corner.  I would suggest everyone arm knit themselves a blanket.  These babies are so warm and cosy!


^^ This was Carl’s grandfathers chair, that was given to his mother. ¬†She covered all her furniture in this hideous material, because she had 3 boys running a mock in her house. ¬†I would have loved to get this reupholstered in a nicer fabric.


^^ You can’t have a reading chair without a basket of yarn. ¬†That’s just crazy.


^^ I lightly spray painted this wooden ladder to give it a more weathered look.  The little bookcase to the right is just 4 black crates.

wooden ladder

^^ The bottom ladder step is filled with books.

wooden ladder

^^ We are plant crazy in this house.


^^ Starwars lego, biker mice from Mars and harry potter books? We nerd it up hard in here.


^^ on top of the crates we have old cameras and a basket filled with this and that.


^^ Books, books, books and my grandmothers wedding cake topper.


^^ We have a long ledge above the cupboard, we have 4 crates up there filled with nonsense and  on the other side we have musical instruments and this plant.

I hope you enjoyed the little tour of our home office.  This post was inspired by WeWork a community of co-working office spaces across the U.S, they have great rates and is a mighty fine option for everything from start ups to freelancers.  Go check them out




an instant of life captured for eternity

Weekend are made for adventures, wait any time is a great time for adventures. ¬†We have been in full adventures, get our fun on mode lately. ¬†Trying to tourist the life out of our city before we leave, its been dandy to say the least. ¬†From strawberry picking on the hottest day in the world to rowing on a dam, relaxing at home and Carl studying away a storm. ¬†Ordinary days are the ones you remember. ¬†Its all about making memories and having fun along the way and photos captures the moments you don’t want to forget.


^^ We had such an intense thunderstorm here on Friday.  The sky was blue and wonderful on one side and super ominous on the other, and suddenly it was a ridiculous thunderstorm.  It knocked the whole areas electricity out and started a wildfire.

Garden Roses

^^ The garden roses are really just showing off now.  These guys and the lilies are beautifying the front verandah to the max.


^^ Spray painting the wooden ladder.  This photo is deceiving, I actually ended up spray painting the ladder.  Go ME!

sad ball

^^ I was so shocked to see someone else playing sad ball.  Sad ball is my thing! What is sad ball? Its when you end up playing with a ball all by yourself, while looking super goth/emo with a sad, sulky face.  This guy was playing sad ball hard.


^^ a relaxing row.  Well it was relaxing when I was not rowing.


^^ I kept rowing in a circle and I could not stop laughing.  My arms did not want to work.


^^ Look at that form!


^^ Walks around parks.  This park is filled with evil ducks.  They will chase you down and do odd duck things to you.  Beware.

Strawberry picking

^^ Strawberry picking. Boy, it sure was hot. ¬†I mean really hot. ¬†I felt like passing out and just becoming a strawberry myself. ¬†I didn’t. ¬†I’m still human. ¬†Don’t worry.



^^ They gave us a cute little bucket and I was happy as a clam.  I love containers.  Everything should have a place!


^^ Carl wants me to do a segment on my blog all about the photos he takes of me and giant trees.  I told him  I will call it bigotry/biggatree.  I can be so punny sometimes.


^^ yummy olives spotted.  None purchased.

Vegan feast

^^ Vegan feast aka a date worthy of a thousand stars.  Dates at home can be just what the Dr ordered.


^^ Super delicious strawberry and mint water.


^^We’ve been hiking as much as we can lately and its been a dream. ¬†Getting our sweat on while being in nature. ¬†Just the best.

What have you been doing lately?