Hiking Tips

Hiking tips

Hiking is a favourite pastime around ¬†here. ¬†Fresh air, outside time, getting your cardio on and just being surrounded by nature, its just the best time ever, well for me, but I’m a crazy person that can’t sit still, feel like I’m wasting my life if I’m being idle and just feeling generally depressed bored if I’m not doing something. ¬†Girl’s got issues!

During my years of hiking, I’ve realized that some people go completely overboard with their hiking attire (you don’t need a walking stick for less than a kilometre hike!) or just hiking with flip flops ( why do you hate your feet?). ¬†Both of those are really unnecessary in my opinion, you just have to find a happy medium, you don’t even have to spend a fortune on weir hiking attire that’s really unnecessary for the average bloke.


  1. Hat


^^ That’s me with hay-fever, swollen eyes and a swollen face. ¬†I still finished the hike

A hat or a buff is your best friend on a hike, it protects you from the sun, keeps your scalp from getting burned and gives you much needed shade.

2. Sunscreen


Get a good sunscreen and reapply it as much as you need . ¬†Your skin is the biggest organ on your body, so protect it! Never leave the house without your sunscreen on. ¬†Use a different sunscreen for your face. ¬†A specific face sunscreen won’t come off when you start sweating and wont leave you all oily.

3. Backpack

A small backpack of any kind is a good idea.  Its great for putting your water bottle , sunscreen and your personal belongings in.  Keep your phone in a ziplock baggy for extra protection.

4. First aid kit


A basic first aid kit is a must.   After a really bad experience mountain biking and not being able to clean a wound, I now carry a first aid kit on every hike.  You never know when you will need it.  You might get an allergic reaction , fall or get stung by a wasp, so its always best to be prepared.  Plus playing medic is fun.

5. Shoes


I don’t wear hiking shoes. ¬†Firstly its way to expensive to have hideously ugly shoes in my cupboard and lastly its just way to heavy. ¬†Unless you are going to be doing some insane trekking or mountain climbing I don’t think its necessary. ¬†Trail trainers are fine and they don’t feel like you’re weighed down by bricks stuck on your feet. ¬†Don’t cheap out completely and wear flip flops, that’s just a fast way to get an injury. ¬†Protect those feet. ¬†Mostly just be smart, and just do you. ¬†If its a dangerous, snake filled mountain, wear those hiking boots.



Always bring at least 1 litre of water with you.  Drink it slowly on your hike and make sure to be as hydrated as possible.  Climbing around on rocks is a sure way to get dehydrated fast.

7. Snacks


Always bring a small snack with. ¬†Bananas, granola bars, dried fruit or an energy ball. ¬†Basically anything that’s small and wont perish.

8.Comfortable Clothing


Comfortable clothes that breath well is heaven on a hike.  Workout clothes or anything you feel comfortable enough to wear on a hike, hey, its your mountain now, wear what you want.  If you are a lady a good sports bra is the way to go, keeping those babies in check and not swinging around like its a hammock in the wind is a great way not to get boob whip lash.

9. Hiking buddy


A hiking buddy to enjoy the landscape with is always fun, find someone that can keep your pace, complain with you, or not complain and just have fun with. ¬† Someone that won’t bug you is important, you don’t want to be stuck on a 2 hour hike with someone you slowly want to push off a cliff.

10.  Enjoy it


Embrace the beauty of nature and just enjoy yourself.  Let go of all your problems and just appreciate the nature around you.  Its a great way of meditating and just letting everything go, thinking of new ideas and just being free.

I hope you can find some inspiration in these tips and just walk your worries right out.