Hevelianum Gdansk Poland

On days it feels just a bit too hot to handle and all the aircon in the entire Gdansk feels like they didn’t bother putting it on, we head to Hevelianum.

Set in an historic fort in Gdansk, the cool cobblestone bricks feel like heaven. Arren loves running down the halls and exploring all the canons and singing into the said canons.

But the thing Arren likes to do most is randomly hug people and want attention from them. He’s such a social butterfly in a time where we can’t really be social.

It’s not the funnest thing to do in Gdansk, but Arren sure likes it and it’s definitely worth exploring when you have time or don’t really know what to do.

Most of the people who walk through have pretty bored looks on their faces, but it’s a fun little outing when you don’t have serious plans.

Happy Birthday to me

Another year around the sun and loving it, not going to lie this has been a really, really hard year.┬á ┬áPoland has been surprisingly hard to assimilate to, but I’m really happy to be growing more as a person and have goals that I know I want to achieve and I’m extremely happy to be getting older and hopefully a little wiser with the years. Continue reading

Old Town Gdansk Poland

Old town in Gdansk is a European dream boat.  Colorful old school houses, cobbled stones that make you wonder if you need a new stroller asap, beautiful amber wares that will make any yellow lovers eyes pop right out of their sockets.   Continue reading