Happy Father’s Day

I wanted to get a post out for the main man in our house.  It’s officially his second father’s day and this guy is just killing being a dad.

When it comes to being a father to our little Arren he’s the best I know, always patient even when Arren kicks him in the head when he insists on co sleeping with us at night, always loving towards Arren, even when he’s throwing the biggest toddler tantrum around, always ready to play with him even when it’s the millionth time Arren’s been thrown in the air, always teaching him things,  and always being the best example to our sweet little boy.

I’m thankful for the way he always puts his family first and loves spending time with us,  he’s the best example to me for how to be a great parent.

I’m also thankful for my own dad, having worked so hard his whole life to provide for his family.  and last, but surely not least.  I’m thankful for our heavenly father, for giving his only son so we all can live with him one day.  Let’s give it up for all the dad’s.  You’re all doing a great job!

Dear husband

Dear Husband

Having a baby has changed our relationship and our lives forever, sometimes I find myself getting snippier than I should and my irritation at your socks being left on the floor can make me a little grumpier than I should, but seeing you be the kindest father, the most caring husband the most amazing person has made me fall in love with you more. Continue reading