Arren’s First haircut

There is something so bitter sweet about your kids first haircut.¬† I was so reluctant to cut Arren’s hair, he wasn’t one of those babies born with a full head of hair that had to get trimmed the whole time.¬† No, he was a little baldy, that took forever to get hair and when it finally grew he somehow got left with a mullet.

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Sunday best

Yes, there is a toothbrush on the floor, my trainers in one corner, a grumpy why did you wake me up toddler and a very messy play room in the background in this photo, but it also has two happy parents that has no idea where this week went. Continue reading

an instant of life captured for eternity

^^ Arren eating corn for the first time.  loved it!

^^ We’ve been playing around in the garden a lot these days.¬† The drought has made it really unpleasant to be outside, the grass is like little daggers on your feet and the death of the garden is quite sad, but Arren loves running after this random cat, playing in the dirt and going flying with his papa.

^^ Roses for valentines day.    There is just something about having fresh flowers in the house.  It brightens the whole house up.

^^ Arren….the really ugly eater.

^^ He’s started feeding himself with his spoon, and boy, is it messy.¬† He’s really great at dipping the spoon and getting it in his mouth, but it’s the getting out of the bowl that’s the problem.¬† He just flings his food out of his bowl.

^^ This guy is brutal.¬† Every time he sees me about to do a crunch, he decides it’s time to take a ride on mama.

^^ Or just be all up in my grill.  Having a toddler, means having NO personal space.  Man, I miss personal space.

^^¬† While I cook dinner.¬† Arren makes a mess.¬† He loves putting the caps on the zari grape juice bottles, shaking his pasta container, putting a lid on that pan, and wondering why I’m not opening his hey baby crackers.

^^ throwing out my parsley, and trying to put it back in.

^^ just woken up and feeling cute.


I haven’t done one of these life update post in so looong.¬† Life really has gotten away from me, having a toddler, that sprinst around the house, has me exhausted most days, but life here has been good.¬† We are in the process of getting ready to travel! My biggest concern is surviving a long haul flight, with a toddler that will sleep amazingly and his parents that just won’t be able to sleep in the upright position.¬† Even on the worst days of teething¬† I’m able to get some sleep, but running on no sleep and having an active toddler seems like hell.¬† I’m thinking about trying to get one of our tickets upgraded to business class, so at least one of us would be able to baby rear.¬† We will bet getting a 15 hour flight overnight which will be perfect for Arren, he will sleep like a dream, and then we will be flying again over his nap time, obviously we will have one very well rested baby.

Do you have any tips for surviving long hauls with a toddler?

Smart Toy Club – Monthly Toy Rentals for Kids

Nothing has broken my Mama heart as much as seeing Arren lose interest in a toy I bought him within a couple of hours. ¬†I put so much effort into buying him the perfect toys, even letting him try it out in the stores a couple of times before getting them, but sooner rather than later, he gets over it and starts playing with the box, and most of the times it’s not even good boxes! ¬†Arren’s favourite toy at the moment is my hair straightener and my tripod! Continue reading

Feeding a Picky Toddler

Arren started off as such a good little eater, never in my wildest dreams did I think I would end up with a picky eater, but I have and I just wouldn’t accept it. ¬†Here is how I got my picky little eater to eat healthier and try new things. Continue reading