Baby Led Weaning- Red Lentil and Vegetable Fritters with Avocado slices

Arren is a natural at grabbing and eating. ¬†Yesterday, he actually grabbed an apple out of my hand. ¬†I was really hungry so I wasn’t that amused, but this boy loves to eat and try new food. ¬†When it came to these red lentil and vegetable fritters he just couldn’t get enough. ¬†He kept grabbing for more, when finally I had to cut him off, if you’ve ever seen a baby tantrum, you know it’s not pretty. ¬† Continue reading

5 Tips to Survive Teething

Teething is not only hard on your baby, it’s just as hard on the parents and the entire neighbourhood! We’ve survived teething, by coming up with tricks that seem to really work for Arren, instead of keeping it to myself, I’ve decided to share my 5 tips to survive teething! Continue reading

Swinging in the park

One thing I’ve learned from having a baby that just hates being in the car, is that bribery works. ¬†A short car ride can go from being reasonably happy in his car seat, that usually last for less than 5 minutes, to what kind of torture is this. ¬†Because of that I usually go out with a bag of bribes. ¬†What’s in this bag? Toys, food, begging and a whole lot of singing. ¬†When none of that works its time to pull over and let Arren stretch his legs. ¬†On one of those days, Arren lucked out and we stopped at a park and he had his very first swing.

Continue reading