I’m On A Boat…a row boat!

A while back Carl and I decided to go try our hand at rowing, technically we wanted to go paddle-boating, but we couldn’t find a place to get our leg power on. ¬†I’ve got incredible leg strength, but I ¬†literally have no upper body strength. ¬†Its like two spaghetti strands just trying to make it on my body. ¬†I didn’t let that stop me! I tried and tried, until we got dizzy from going in a circle the whole time. ¬†Carl on the other hand was a natural, that man is an incredible rower, he even had this look of determination on his face that was just really cute.

Everything was going well until I discovered bread in the boat and decided to feed it to the ducks. ¬†They completely ignored the bread and ¬†paddled faster than anything I’ve ever seen trying to kill us. ¬†No, I’m not exaggerating. ¬†They had a look in their eye, that said ; ” We are gluten intolerant, woman! How dare you?!” ¬†I almost tipped the boat trying to escape. ¬†In that moment Carl could have won an Olympic medal for rowing. ¬†Thanks for saving me husband!

Its definitely a fun, cheap and beautiful thing to do.  Take a picnic, row, run away from ducks and just go laze around in the beautiful park.

Sober Joburg things to do

^^ So beautiful and serene.  A great place to get lost in a book or just get lost.

Sober joburg things to do

^^ Another photo with me and a tree. ¬†I don’t know what Carl is trying to tell me, its obviously not that I’m tall.

Sober Joburg things to do

Sober Joburg

^^ Tree!

Sober Joburg

^^ Danger walking.

Sober Joburg

^^ Great form.


^^ Not so great form.  What is my hand doing?


^^ upper body strength.


^^ Spaghetti arms.


^^ The view was nice.


^^ The light on the water was magical.

an instant of life captured for eternity

Weekend are made for adventures, wait any time is a great time for adventures. ¬†We have been in full adventures, get our fun on mode lately. ¬†Trying to tourist the life out of our city before we leave, its been dandy to say the least. ¬†From strawberry picking on the hottest day in the world to rowing on a dam, relaxing at home and Carl studying away a storm. ¬†Ordinary days are the ones you remember. ¬†Its all about making memories and having fun along the way and photos captures the moments you don’t want to forget.


^^ We had such an intense thunderstorm here on Friday.  The sky was blue and wonderful on one side and super ominous on the other, and suddenly it was a ridiculous thunderstorm.  It knocked the whole areas electricity out and started a wildfire.

Garden Roses

^^ The garden roses are really just showing off now.  These guys and the lilies are beautifying the front verandah to the max.


^^ Spray painting the wooden ladder.  This photo is deceiving, I actually ended up spray painting the ladder.  Go ME!

sad ball

^^ I was so shocked to see someone else playing sad ball.  Sad ball is my thing! What is sad ball? Its when you end up playing with a ball all by yourself, while looking super goth/emo with a sad, sulky face.  This guy was playing sad ball hard.


^^ a relaxing row.  Well it was relaxing when I was not rowing.


^^ I kept rowing in a circle and I could not stop laughing.  My arms did not want to work.


^^ Look at that form!


^^ Walks around parks.  This park is filled with evil ducks.  They will chase you down and do odd duck things to you.  Beware.

Strawberry picking

^^ Strawberry picking. Boy, it sure was hot. ¬†I mean really hot. ¬†I felt like passing out and just becoming a strawberry myself. ¬†I didn’t. ¬†I’m still human. ¬†Don’t worry.



^^ They gave us a cute little bucket and I was happy as a clam.  I love containers.  Everything should have a place!


^^ Carl wants me to do a segment on my blog all about the photos he takes of me and giant trees.  I told him  I will call it bigotry/biggatree.  I can be so punny sometimes.


^^ yummy olives spotted.  None purchased.

Vegan feast

^^ Vegan feast aka a date worthy of a thousand stars.  Dates at home can be just what the Dr ordered.


^^ Super delicious strawberry and mint water.


^^We’ve been hiking as much as we can lately and its been a dream. ¬†Getting our sweat on while being in nature. ¬†Just the best.

What have you been doing lately?